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Cheapest Beer You Can Buy

We get it, you're broke and you like to drink...and that's why you're here reading an article about the cheapest beers out there. Everyone can remember their first beer, and you're not getting the right college experience if it wasn't one of the following.

cheapest beer you can buy


We focus on craft beer, that much is true. But much like Alchemist brewer, John Kimmich, we too enjoy a good ol' can of cheap beer from time to time. Just because a beer wasn't coolshipped for spontaneous fermentation in a brewer's garage doesn't mean it's not worth drinking. Well, some aren't, but we'll cover that.

American beer drinkers have become increasingly picky of late. Their beer of choice, as well as their beer brand of choice, has become the craft brews from the local brewing company in their home city or town.

However, that doesn't mean you should avoid these ice cold pilsners. Just the opposite. Sometimes you just want to sample Colorado or Wisconsin's "finest" beer. You know the type, cheap, old style beer. Light lagers. Malty brews. Beers you might see in a 1980s-style taste test advertising.

This list of beers does not include your favorite IPA or fruited sour. They are the cream ales that hipsters order at dive bars. They are the beers that people drink at NFL and College Football tailgates. They are the beers that craft breweries openly mock on their websites, even if they drink them in secret.

The cheapest of cheap beers. Well, not actually. Through spectacular marketing and product design, Budweiser has managed to maintain an air of quality about them, thus forcing premium prices (for a cheap beer) for their "premium" product. Referred to as the King of Beers, craft beer Bud is not.

The cheapest of cheap Bud beers. No beer is cheaper than Bud Light. We aren't talking price. We aren't talking calories. We're talking the stale carrot (you know how they taste like solid air?) of beer.

Coors Banquet beer is the beer with the best story on this list of cheap beers. Burt Reynolds, in his late 1970s coolness, plays a character, The Bandit, who's sole job is to confound the law at every turn, thus enabling Coors Banquet beers to be bootlegged to the South. What's more, he does this in one of the most iconic vintage cars in cinematic history, a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

Tapping the Rockies is like tapping your faucet. But it has some booze, so we can call it beer. Coors Lights, or Ice Cold Cruisers, are a staple of any river tubing trip from North Conway in New Hampshire to floating in the waters surrounding Mt. Rainier in Washington. And, if you're doing that, you're going to want a sweet floating cooler.

Corona, the cheap beer, got crushed for awhile at the beginning of the pandemic. We'd feel bad, but we don't really get sad for multinational corporations who make billions of dollars. As for the beer itself, people drink it (alot). That's the thing that can be said the most about Corona. For more info, check out our Coronita vs Corona debate.

Entrenched in the hearts and minds of everyone within 200 miles of Niagara Falls, or, 322 kilometers for our cousins in Canada. Whether you're pledging a frat at the University of Rochester or running a beer mile at SUNY Geneseo, you're drinking Genesee.

Amber Bock may be a 5% beer (abv), but we swear it hits harder than that. Michelob's craftier offering features caramel and other dark-roasted malts. Proud isn't quite the word we'd use, but it's a decent beer for cheap and you could do far, far worse.

For real though, Milwaukee's Best Premium. By using "best" and "premium", they're trying to sell this beer to you harder than all of the granite in New Hampshire. And, that's precisely how you know it's one of the best cheap beers that money can buy.

Narragansett's have made a strong come back over the last decade, decade plus. The Rhode Island beer was first made in a small town outside of Providence called Cranston. The beer has seen its share of ups and downs since its creation over in 1890. It's been bought and sold, it's been shut down, and it even gained some measure of notoriety for having been featured prominently in Spielberg's Jaws in 1975.

Natural Ice in its purest form is that of a case of beer being pulled out of the trunk by a college freshmen*. Natty Ice comes in a few different shapes in sizes. The one that should pop into your head is the lone 25oz sized can that you see in any Publix cold beer aisle. It's the last one left and you don't grab that 25oz Natty Ice, the person behind you will.

Nothing says playing Edward Fortyhands (40 hands) like duct taping two 40oz bottles of Old Milwaukee and holding on for dear life. If you're taking this route, you better know how to chug beer, otherwise it's all going downhill*.

It's possible that the best non-alcoholic beers have more booze in them than Rolling Rock. We're not scientists, so we can't actually confirm that fact, but we're kinda (pretty) sure. As for flavor, Rolling Rocks go down like water, maybe even easier.

Stroh's has one of the best names in the cheap beer drinking game. It's also what your uncle drank in the 70s. It's also the beer most likely to be found in an old school white styrofoam cooler. It's also a really great beer for drinking games.

As America's oldest brewery, Yuengling has been producing beers in Pennsylvania for what feels like forever. Their recent market expansion has made them immensely more accessible for folks. In many ways, Yuengling is the cheap beer for discerning adults who don't want to be seen slamming PBRs and High Lifes anymore.

Liquor and wine are great go-to drinks for party nights, but sometimes, only beer will do. Think barbecues and lazy afternoons with friends. However, with more and more styles and microbreweries joining the game, making a beer run can be daunting and expensive. So, how do you get good quality, dependable refreshments for game day without breaking the bank? Below is a review of 10 reputable and unpretentious beers that are both good and cheap. They are the Cheapest Beer options, featuring the price of a six-pack. You can relish them this year without sacrificing quality.

The Alaskan Amber is a smooth and highly drinkable beer with a 5.3 percent ABV. It has a perfectly balanced ingredient blend comprising bright loops and rich malts for a cheap beer. The Alaskan Amber has been honored with the most awards compared to the other beers on our list. According to Spoon University, this drink uses glacier-fed water and a mix of Pacific Northwest and European hop varieties to achieve one of the most brilliant beers worldwide.

Narragansett, also known as the Rhode Island Lager, is one of the cheapest beers worldwide. Doctors initially prescribed this beer to help alleviate the under-the-weather feeling. Apart from the flavor being well balanced, you will undoubtedly appreciate the price for a case of Narragansett beer. It is the perfect beer to enjoy during the long hot summer days.

According to Blog Cheapism, Stella Artois is a renowned Belgian Lager best known for its slight bitterness and a dry finish. The Belgian-based brewery was founded 600 years ago and has become one of the leading breweries worldwide. This beer starts with decent floral notes and a dominant sweetness from the malt, making it the perfect drink for a calm and relaxed day. Stella Artois is also considered the best-selling cheap beer in Belgium.

The Coors Brewing Company produces the Coors Banquet from the Colorado Rockies. For more than 140 years, the Coors Banquet has been listed among the favorite cheap beers among the American working class. This drink was originally popular among miners, who, after a long tiresome day of work, would want to blow off the steam with a delicious meal and ice-cold beer. The Coors Brewing Company answered their request by creating this golden Lager presented in a stubby glass bottle. The Coors Banquet beer has an IBU of 15 and ABV of 5 percent. Its sweet flavor profile makes it easy to drink and lightens the palate.

The Genesee Cream Ale is the perfect example of a standout product wrapped in a minimalistic design. It is one of the best cheap and flavorful beer drinks that will leave you wanting more. According to liquor, the Genesee Cream Ale has a nice blend of flavors that balance a classic cream ale and a Lager. The brewers of this fantastic beer have one goal: to brew a quality beer that is as crisp as an ale and as smooth as a Lager. Additionally, you can get the Genesee Cream Ale in a 30-pack, which is excellent for events and parties.

Since it was founded in 1829, the Yuengling brand is considered one of the oldest breweries in America. The brand has survived prohibition by switching to beer with little alcohol content and has also been involved in the dairy business to remain financially stable. Today, Yuengling is a prominent brand known for producing quality and cheap beers in the market, such as the Yuengling Traditional Lager. This drink is very drinkable with a distinctive flavor profile comprising a perfect blend of cascade and cluster hops. Yuengling has recently begun experiments with this beer to improve its taste and flavor further.

The Rolling Rock is a highly drinkable beer in a stunning green glass bottle. The beer originated in Pennsylvania and has grown to become one of the most sought-after cheap beers in the world. The Rolling Rock beer is known for its hoppy character and light body that helps add to its pleasant taste and drinking experience. According to The Manual, the Rolling Rock drink is brewed in glass-lined tanks, and the brewing process used is considered one of the cleanest beer brewing methods to date. This beer has a low ABV of 4.4 percent, thus will require you to drink a few of them to feel something.

Ever wonder how much it costs to buy a beer at Fenway Park or a hot dog at Coors Field? Well, wonder no more. We crunched the numbers for all thirty major league ballparks and compiled this illustrated guide for baseball lovers across the country.

Have you ever wondered which baseball stadium has the cheapest beer? How about the most expensive? Below, we'll investigate the highest and lowest-priced beers you can buy at baseball stadiums across the country. 041b061a72


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