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Blazblue Phase Shift 0 English Download

BlazBlue: Phase 0 - A Novel Based on the Popular Fighting Game Series

BlazBlue is a series of 2D fighting games developed by Arc System Works, known for its fast-paced gameplay, unique characters, and rich story. The series has spawned several spin-offs, including manga, anime, and light novels. One of the light novels is BlazBlue: Phase 0, which serves as a prologue to the main story of the games.

BlazBlue: Phase 0 was written by Mako Komao, published by Fujimi Shobo and illustrated by Katō Yūki. It was released on August 20, 2010 in Japan. The novel follows the events of the Dark War, a cataclysmic conflict between the Six Heroes and the Black Beast, a monstrous entity that threatened to destroy the world. The novel reveals the origins of some of the main characters of the series, such as Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, and Rachel Alucard.


The novel has not been officially translated into English, but there are some fan translations available online. One of them is hosted by the Internet Archive, where you can download or read online the novel in PDF format. Another one is hosted by WebComics, where you can read online the novel in manga form. However, these fan translations may not be accurate or complete, and they may contain errors or omissions. Therefore, if you are interested in reading BlazBlue: Phase 0, you should do so at your own risk and discretion.

BlazBlue: Phase 0 is a novel that fans of the BlazBlue series may enjoy, as it provides more background and insight into the world and characters of the games. However, it is not an official part of the canon, and it may contradict or conflict with some of the events or details of the games. Therefore, you should not take it as a definitive source of information, but rather as a supplementary material that may enhance your appreciation of the series.


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