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Xperia Touch Buy

This includes the likes of Netflix and Skype (you can use the built-in camera for video calls), as well as Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. We played the latter and found no issues whatsoever with lag - our touch was registered without delay.

xperia touch buy

The Xperia Touch has built-in speakers and is small enough to be portable. It can project against both a horizontal and vertical surface with a screen of up to 80 inches. However, at 80 inches, the image loses its touch capabilities, something Sony said it is working on to improve.

The device is a 134mm 143mm 69 mm (5.3 5.6 2.7 inches) metal box with all the usual smartphone parts, but instead of a screen, it has an LCoS laser projector with auto focus. As the name implies, the Xperia Touch also supports touch controls through a combination of an IR array and a 60fps camera.

When the device is in contact with the surface it's projecting on, you'll get a 23-inch display size and 10-point multitouch handled by the IR array. The touch controls work perfectly in this mode, and things like aiming a painting app at a wall or table and "drawing" with just your finger feels really cool.

Multitouch works great in this mode and, combined with the 23-inch projection, allows you to do some things that wouldn't work so well on the usual 10-inch tablet. I challenged a few other MWC attendees to a game of virtual air hockey. On the other table three people were playing a fastest-finger math game where the first person to "buzz in" by tapping on the right answer won.

The company also says there has been interest in using the Touch commercially, such as in mall spaces that might want to replace their screen-based directories with a touch projection on a wall, revealed Vincent Yip, Director and Market Head of Sony Singapore.

About the specifications, Xperia Touch features 10-point multi-touch input for projection at 23 inches beside having the ability for projection up to 80 inches with automatic calibration. It comes with two-way Stereo Speakers and USB Type-C/micro HDMI ports.

To track the movements on the projection, the Xperia Touch features a barrage of sensors and camera to ensure it effectively turns your desk into a giant touchscreen. The 100 lumen laser diode projector inside the device features a 1366 x 768 resolution, 4000:1 contrast ratio, automatic focus capabilities, and is capable of projecting images between 23 to 80 inches in size.

This portable projector comes with an IR touch functionality. Just put it on a flat surface, and you get a large (23-inch) display, with an Android UI that you can interact with just as you would on a regular tablet. There is also a built-in camera and mic, which means you can even Skype on a large display and on any flat surface.

Lastly, the Xperia Touch works best on flat surfaces. The touch gestures might not work at all on rugged surfaces. And at a price of $1,700, the Xperia Touch is very expensive for the average consumer.

I've got this touch screen iresponsive on the top and bottom. I was not able to pulldown the notification and shortcuts menu when in portrait mode. Now even the bottom part of the screen starting become iresponsive. Pressing the back/menu/taskmenu starting to mulfunction.

Here is another with the same problem (Top and bottom of screen not working) ...I am a Z3 Compact owner, a beautiful phone but ... with whom I had several problems, practically since the first day I bought it (taken in a store, I noticed only at home that did not close the door of the charging).Then I had to replace the touchscreen for a malfunction (about a year later).After another 12 months I returned the phone for a problem with headphone output and sd card support that was no longer closed.Now, it's been around for another 12 months, and after I did not use the cellphone in December 2016, I took the Z3C and, without even touching it in the meantime (it was jealously put in his original box, since I could not use it) now the screen does not work again.

I have already done a hardware test and the touchscreen is no longer working on both above and below.It's a shame that unfortunately the warranty has expired and then we have a further expense for repair.I've always been very careful and never fallen in the meantime. In this case it even stopped working after it was shut down that it worked regularly.

I don't have a problem with paying for a screen if I drop it etc but this phone simply died! Sadly I can't check the screen using the standard 'test touch screen' apps as they don't 'hide' the Android buttons, and it's that bit fo the screen that appears to be broken.

Hi Everyone, I am very sorry to hear about this. If it persists even after a software repair using Xperia Companion and the previously suggested troubleshooting steps in this thread, then I am sorry to say that it would be best to have the device sent to an authorized service center so that a technician may examine it for you. The easiest way to have it sent in would be to get in touch with your Local support so that they may assist you, as service routines, warranty terms and consumer laws vary on a market to market basis. I understand some users here have had their device sent to an authorized service center and still experience similar behaviour, in such cases it would be best to raise your concerns with your Local support for further assistance. As I am situated in Sweden, I am sorry to say that I am unable to assist on a local level since I am not familiar with the local service routines, consumer laws and warranty terms for your markets.

The Z4 runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Sony exercises a light touch with its user interface. It has also mercifully avoided overloading the tablet with apps. Navigation is smooth, and the 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 64-bit octa-core processor backed by 3GB of RAM clearly offers enough raw power.

On the other hand, the 23-inch high definition (HD) touchscreen Xperia Touch is built using Sony?s SXRD projection display technology and combined with infrared light and real-time detection via its built-in camera a rate of 60 fps detectable by physical touch

Il sistema operativo è Android Nougat, quindi l'accesso a Google Play consente di installare tutte le applicazioni che si desiderano per far fronte a ogni esigenza. Da rilevare che la home, in modalità touch, permette di accedere a tutta una serie di funzioni di base come calendario, video-chiamate Skype, lavagna elettronica, ricerca online, mail, etc. La presenza di un microfono integrato rende possibile anche l'impiego di Google Assistant. Molto interessante la modalità streaming per il gioco con Playstation 4 Remote Play. 041b061a72


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