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Where To Buy Kiss Proof Lipstick [NEW]

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means we're spending our time thinking up romantic things to do. We're sure some sweet kisses figure pretty high on that list and if you're worried that your gorgeous red (or pink) lippie will be all over him, we found ten of the best transfer-resistant lipsticks for every budget. Just remember to prep your lips beforehand by exfoliating them and then topping them with lip balm.

where to buy kiss proof lipstick

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If you want to choose a high-quality and kiss-proof lipstick, opt for a liquid one. They are usually more pigmented, which means more colour coverage. These lipsticks have a truly long-lasting effect and last beautifully for hours, without you needing to worry about eating, drinking or kissing!

With unrivalled 24-hour wear, this waterproof lipstick does not budge or bleed. The dual-ended lipstick boasts a long-lasting colour that won't come off until you remove it with cleanser. At the other end is a 'Colour Boost Balm' that contains hyaluronic gel to impart shine and hydrate lips, when needed, throughout the day.

A lipstick that holds and leaves no trace? It obviously pleases many. It's not for nothing that ALL TIGERS gave you our tips on how to remove resilient lipstick: When it holds, it holds. But what does that mean, "kiss-proof" lipstick?

Kiss-proof, or transfer-proof, lipstick is one that does not smudge or transfer onto other things when worn. However, non-transferable lipstick formulas contain a lot of synthetic polymers, mineral oils, and silicone. Under the list of ingredients, these will be labeled as dimethicone, trimethylsiloxysilicate, or polybuter (which is derived from crude oil, ew). These polymers form a supple and stretchable plastic film on the surface of the skin. They also give the formula a smooth texture, making it resistant to water and sometimes to fat, which therefore creates a perfect hold. This is where the "kiss-proof" claim comes from. Stubborn, they resist everything and are also often complicated to remove.

Major disadvantage of transfer-proof lipstick? Lips tend to dry out. All women have experienced this: these kiss-proof lipsticks tend to really leave lips dry and uncomfortable over time. This makes sense, since these synthetic "oils" are plasticizers, which have no moisturizing properties.

It should be noted that a lipstick can have very long hold without it necessarily being kiss-proof: a formula can very well leave a lipstick trace on your glass, yet the color holds until the end of the night thanks to a pigment-rich formula.

But back to our initial problem. If you choose natural or organic lipstick, are you doomed to leave your mark everywhere, such as on your glass or your cigarettes? Fortunately, no! Here are some very simple tips that you can implement.

Whether you are getting together with your besties for Galentine's Day or prepping for a sweet date night kiss, having a lipstick that will stick around for a while doesn't sound like a bad idea. Amiright?

There are many mattes, liquids and cream textures that can all do the trick when it comes to lipsticks that are vibrant and long-lasting. With the huge variety of options out there, it can be a little daunting trying to figure out where to start when shopping for something new.

Who better to ask than lipstick lovers who are in the know? Beauty editors, influencers and bloggers... that's who! With that, GMA has tapped seven trusted sources to find out exactly which lipsticks to get during the month of love, hugs and lots of kisses.

"My favorite budge proof lipstick is Stunna by Fenty Beauty because the formula lasts all day with the thinnest coat, it's not drying like many liquid lipsticks and the colors are very universal, especially the red! It's really tricky finding the perfect red as a WOC but Rihanna figured it out. It's my go-to lipstick for a night out & I'm not afraid to wear it to dinner." - Shahd Batal, beauty and fashion influencer, YouTube vlogger

\"My favorite budge proof lipstick is Stunna by Fenty Beauty because the formula lasts all day with the thinnest coat, it's not drying like many liquid lipsticks and the colors are very universal, especially the red! It's really tricky finding the perfect red as a WOC but Rihanna figured it out. It's my go-to lipstick for a night out & I'm not afraid to wear it to dinner.\" - Shahd Batal, beauty and fashion influencer, YouTube vlogger

Lips are there to kiss, so make your lipstick kiss-proof! The Magic Fix coats your lips like an invisible protective shield and seals your lipstick in place. The natural ingredients prevent lipstick from transferring or bleeding into fine lines around the lips.

Lipstick stains can really embarrass you when they transfer on a glass or when you kiss someone. This is why you need the best kiss-proof lipsticks. They make your dates and parties stain-free. This lipstick comes with a matte finish and is long-lasting. You can sip the coffee without worrying about the lipstick staining on the mug. You can smoothly enjoy your date without reaching out for tissues. This kiss-proof lipstick is transfer-resistant, smudge-proof, and available in different shades. You can always be ready to pout with the best long-wearing kiss-proof lipsticks. In addition, they come with a good texture that glides smoothly over the lips.

There are countless lipsticks available in the market that are kiss-proof. But selecting the ideal can be tricky. Hence, we have mentioned a list of the 9 best kiss-proof lipsticks below. Check them out!

Want to keep your kiss a secret? Try Kuckian Cosmetics Liquid Velvet Supreme, for it ensures a non-transfer experience all day long! Enhancing your lips rather than forming a thick layer that may crack after a few hours, this liquid lipstick is stain-proof and highly-pigmented too. But the best takeaway has to be its formula that keeps the lips hydrated with vitamin E and other moisturizing natural oils! Would you still want to give this one a miss?

Liberate your lips for up to 16 hours! Ensuring a double dose of flawlessness on your pout, this gorgeous lip color guarantees an incredible shine and no retouches whatsoever. An ideal option for workaholics or frequent travelers who like to keep their lipstick game strong all day long, Rimmel Provocalips will not disappoint. Easy to use and to remove, show off your chic and trendy side with this kiss-proof lipstick this season.

These are the super matte lipsticks and come with Matte Finish, Longwearing Formula, and Smudge-proof formula. You get to choose from 52 vibrant lip colors which will suit different occasion and moods. [READ: Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick 01 Brazen Raisin: Review & LOTD]

We loved the firm yet buttery texture of the bullet applicator, which makes this a cinch to apply and we found we could really get the densely pigmented color to the corners of our lips without making a mess. There are 24 shades available, spanning a whole spectrum of bold and neutral, but we particularly love the standout brights, including some of the best pink lipstick shades we've seen anywhere.

These best kiss-proof lipsticks provide everything you need for your perfect, everlasting kiss: sumptuously moisturized lips, temptingly smooth texture, and mesmerizingly vibrant colors. Your partner will adore every second of it, and that kiss will stay between the two of you.

Matte Trap liquid lipstick is a vegan transfer-proof lipstick that delivers intense matte finish in just a single stroke. Available in 6 ultra-flattering shades that deliver rich, comfortable, long-lasting matte color with full coverage. These Matte Transfer proof Lip Color glides over your lips without caking. Known for its weightless feel and stunningly dependable inclusion and high pigmentation. Features Argan oil. Vitamin E and Tucuma butter to moisturize and smooth lips. No fur babies were harm during making, let the fur babies be fur babies

I would go for Stila. One of the earliest liquid lipstick formulas, but still the best. I call this my "cheeseburger-proof lipstick" (an actual cheeseburger was involved in this test). Only tough thing is that the colors can be hard to match online, especially the nudes, and Sephora has stopped carrying it in-store! Some JCPenney Sephoras still have it.

If you want to eat, drink, talk, and kiss without worrying that your lipstick is intact, here are some great recommendations for a picture-perfect pout from Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Covergirl, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Maybelline, KVD Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, Stila, Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga, Half Magic Beauty, and Sephora. 041b061a72


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