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Buy Delorme Inreach

Haha, this cracks me up because I got into a dispute too on my original delorme device. Its on a freedom plan but every time I tried to use it I had to sync with my computer. Well it quit syncing and Delorme customer service only works office hours not the weekends when people use their device. Bottom line they tell me my device has crapped out (4 years old) and I have to buy a new one. No refund on the annual fee for the device which doesnt work and it was pulling teeth to get a refund for the monthly fees.

buy delorme inreach

Really the way I see this is that if your not going to use your inreach once a year your better off renting a SAT phone for a month get a pre paid card and only enter the card number if you have an emergency or enter it and use all the minutes before your rental is up. Spend the money on a good GPS that you can use all year around and for years to come. Just my $0.02 on that issue!

I powered up the inReach SE to get the account info and it came right on and went to Setup. The IMEI was correct so I copied it from MyStuff to That process was easy, especially with Safari suggesting a good secure password right on the spot, and 1Password remembering it for me automatically. For Customer info, Billing info, credit card, etc. I auto-filled pages at a time from 1Password and I was done in 5 minutes. Got the welcome message in my email and was already trying to send to my inReach. This stuff is instant!

There's also a free service written by a user at It's a great idea, you send a message with the text "wx now" to the email address and shortly, it returns an automated message with the forecast at your location. If you set the above message as a preset, then it doesn't even cost anything to send the request (to receive it, of course, counts as a regular message).

About DeLormeDeLorme is the innovation leader in personal satellite tracking, messaging and navigation technology. The company's flagship product, inReach, is the most affordable satellite communicator that sends and receives 160-character text messages, provides GPS journey tracking/sharing with family and friends, and offers interactive SOS capabilities anywhere in the world through the Iridium satellite network. When paired with a mobile device, the seamless inReach experience provides unlimited access to free downloadable topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts. Founded in 1976 and recognized as a pioneer in mapping products, DeLorme is headquartered in Yarmouth, Maine, and is home to Eartha, the world's largest revolving globe. To learn more, visit

I am considering purchasing an inreach le but would like to know if it provides GPS coordinate information in the field and if so does this require that the tracking function be turned on. Everything I have read says that it will send other people your coordinates but no where have I seen that it will provide the same information to the user in the field in a stand alone mode. If it requires that the tracking function be turned on then it will incur additional expenses.

Thanks Rich, that seems to make sense. I am looking forward to your detailed review of the delorme inreach, which I guess will come some time after they have released it. Fortunately I am not under a lot of pressure to go out and buy stuff right now, except reading a lot about it makes you itch to get one and try it out. Thanks much again.

Personal locator beacons (PLBs) are nothing new, the popular SPOT (and now SPOT 2) devices have been on the market for several years. What separates the inReach from these other PLBs is the device's ability to send AND receive messages. The inReach is unique in this way, as other devices on the market will confirm delivery, only this one can receive messages from anyone logged into the website, including search and rescue personnel. Digital two way radios can eliminate false alarms as well as allow SAR to communicate updates and instructions to parties in distress.

I also sent several text messages out during the trip to my next-of-kin, all of which were transmitted with minimal delay to my friend's email account and cel phone. I also sent the message to my own email so I could retrieve the message later. As the screen shot above shows, the message contains text body, my current co-ordinates and a link to the explore.delorme site where the recipient can view my current location and even reply to my text. I was also able to update my twitter and Facebook accounts, which provided links to my location on the explore.delorme site.

To activate the unit, visit the inReach Canada website at: The process is straightforward and well documented; once you have entered the requested information you will be instructed to take the unit outside to complete the activation. 041b061a72


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