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Where To Buy Bally Shoes

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where to buy bally shoes

Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion house, established in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally and his brother Fritz in Schönenwerd, Solothurn, as Bally & Co. Historically known for its shoes, the house also specializes in bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear.

Bally was founded as a shoe making business in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally and his brother Fritz in the basement of their family home in Schönenwerd, Solothurn, Switzerland. Carl Franz Bally had joined the family business, a silk ribbon manufacturer, when he was 17, but decided to go into shoe manufacturing after a stay in Paris. After Carl's death in 1899, the company continued under the management of Carl's sons, Eduard and Arthur[1] and continued to manufacture about two million pairs of shoes a year, employing 3,200 people.[2]

Originating in the 1800's, Swiss brand Bally began as a small company producing shoes made entirely by hand in the company's local factory. It was quickly recognised as a leading specialist in the ladies footwear business and it's safe to say that not much has changed since. Although Bally quickly expanded and now offers luxury ready to wear lines for both men and women, its beautiful, high quality shoes remain at the core of the brand. Bally shoes are still produced using the finest materials and with superior workmanship; the key qualities that the company was once founded upon. By re-creating and updating the timeless styles each season through a subtle change in colour or shape, Bally offers a shoe for every occasion. Whether it's the velvet slipper, the trainer, the sandale or the lace up brogue, the brand brings a sense of ease and elegance to every style. The range of Bally boots is equally versatile with classic styles such as the riding boot, biker boot and Chelsea boot all making a reappearance each season. The brand's ability to produce timeless, quality styles is evident in its beautiful vintage pieces, which also still remain in demand. To this day, Bally shoes remain the definition of an investment piece. 041b061a72


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