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Chromapure License File Fixed

Meter profiling is a process for improving the accuracy of a filter-based colorimeter, for a specific display. Profiling creates a calibration profile for the colorimeter, for the display currently being measured, based on display measurement data from a reference spectrophotometer.

Chromapure License File

The Meter Profiling Workflow, first introduced in CalMAN 2019, is designed to walk through the process of profiling a colorimeter using a reference spectrophotometer. Meter and Spectrophotometer support will vary depending on your CalMAN license level.

When you profile a colorimeter, you measure the unique spectral characteristics of a display with a spectrophotometer (spectro). CalMAN then corrects the measurement results from your colorimeter to be more accurate, based on the spectro measurements. You basically transfer the accuracy of the spectrophotometer to your colorimeter, for that display.


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