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James Blake - Overgrown (Deluxe Edition) Review

James Blake is a British singer, songwriter, and producer who has been making waves in the music scene since his debut album in 2011. His second album, Overgrown, was released in 2013 and received critical acclaim and a Mercury Prize award. The deluxe edition of Overgrown features 11 tracks, including a bonus track called "Every Day I Ran". The album showcases Blake's eclectic influences and his ability to create hypnotic and emotional songs that blend electronic, soul, and R&B elements.

The album opens with the title track, "Overgrown", which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is a slow-burning and atmospheric piece that features Blake's haunting vocals over a minimal piano and synth backdrop. The lyrics are vague and poetic, reflecting Blake's introspective and mysterious persona. The song builds up to a climax where Blake sings "I don't wanna be a star / But a stone on the shore / A lone door frame in a war / Where everything I ever said / Will be washed away". The song is a powerful statement of Blake's artistic vision and his desire to create something lasting and meaningful.

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The next track, "I Am Sold", is a more upbeat and rhythmic song that showcases Blake's production skills. The song features chopped and distorted vocals, glitchy beats, and bass drops that create a dynamic and catchy groove. The song also has some gospel influences, as Blake sings "I am sold / I am sold / I am sold / On you" with a choir-like backing vocal. The song is a contrast to the previous track, as it shows Blake's playful and experimental side.

The third track, "Life Round Here", is one of the highlights of the album. The song is a collaboration with Chance the Rapper, who adds his witty and charismatic rap verses to Blake's smooth and soulful chorus. The song is a fusion of hip-hop and R&B, as the two artists complement each other's styles and deliver a catchy and memorable hook. The song also has some political undertones, as Chance raps "The snakes, the grass too long / To see the lawnmower sitting right next to the tree" and "They throwing rocks at my window / I'm living in a glass house". The song is a commentary on the social and racial issues that affect both artists' lives.

The fourth track, "Take a Fall For Me", is another collaboration, this time with RZA from Wu-Tang Clan. The song is a surprising and intriguing combination of Blake's electronic soundscapes and RZA's rap lyrics. The song features RZA rapping about his love for a British girl over Blake's sparse and eerie beats. The song also has some cultural references, as RZA raps "You're my sweet tea / My crumpets / My English breakfast" and "You're my fish 'n chips / My vinegar". The song is a unique and creative expression of cross-cultural romance.

The fifth track, "Retrograde", is one of the most popular and acclaimed songs from the album. The song is a stunning and emotional ballad that showcases Blake's vocal range and his ability to create powerful melodies. The song features Blake singing "You're on your own / In a world you've grown / Few more years to go / Don't let the hurdle fall" over a pulsing synth bass and a soaring choir. The song is about facing the challenges of life and love, and finding strength in oneself. The song also has an impressive video that depicts an apocalyptic scenario where people are affected by a mysterious phenomenon.

The sixth track, "Dlm", is a simple and beautiful piano ballad that shows Blake's classical influences. The song features only Blake's voice and piano, creating a intimate and stripped-down atmosphere. The song is about longing for someone who is gone, as Blake sings "Don't let me go / Don't let me go / Don't let me go". The song is one of the most vulnerable and heartfelt songs on the album.

The seventh track, "Digital Lion", is a collaboration with Brian Eno, who is one of Blake's musical heroes. The song is an experimental and adventurous piece that features Eno's signature ambient sounds and Blake's distorted vocals. The song also has some tribal influences, as it features drums, chants, and flutes that create a mystical vibe. The song is about finding one's identity in the digital age, as Blake sings "I'm a digital lion / I'm a digital lion / I'm a digital lion / In the dead of night". The song is a tribute to Eno's legacy and his influence on Blake's music.

The eighth track, "Voyeur", is a danceable and groovy song that features Blake's falsetto vocals and a funky bass line. The song is about being obsessed with someone, as Blake sings "And I've been watching you / Like a hawk in the sky / That flies, but you are not a falcon / You are a dove". The song also has some house influences, as it features a four-on-the-floor beat and a synth solo that create a club-like atmosphere. The song is one of the most fun and upbeat songs on the album.

The ninth track, "To the Last", is a slow and somber song that features Blake's deep and raspy vocals and a dark and moody piano. The song is about breaking up with someone, as Blake sings "We lay nocturnal / Speculate what we feel / Is this the same love / Or have we run out of steam?". The song also has some jazz influences, as it features some saxophone sounds and chords that create a melancholic mood. The song is one of the most sad and bitter songs on the album.

The tenth track, "Our Love Comes Back", is a hopeful and optimistic song that features Blake's soft and gentle vocals and a warm and soothing synth. The song is about rekindling a lost love, as Blake sings "Our love comes back / In the middle of the night / Our love comes back / In the middle of the night". The song also has some soul influences, as it features some organ sounds and harmonies that create a gospel-like feeling. The song is one of the most uplifting and positive songs on the album.

The eleventh track, "Every Day I Ran", is a bonus track that is only available on the deluxe edition of the album. The song is a remix of an old song by Blake called "Lindisfarne II", which was from his debut album. The song features Blake's chopped and looped vocals over a fast and energetic beat. The song also has some drum 'n' bass influences, as it features some breakbeats and bass drops that create a frantic and exhilarating pace. The song is one of the most different and surprising songs on the album.

Overgrown (Deluxe Edition) is an impressive and diverse album that showcases Blake's talent and versatility as an artist. The album features 11 tracks that explore different genres, styles, and emotions, creating a rich and captivating musical journey. The album also features some notable collaborations with other artists, such as Chance the Rapper, RZA, Brian Eno, who add their own flavors and perspectives to Blake's music. The album is a masterpiece of electronic, soul, and R&B music, and one of the best albums of 2013.


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