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Hacked client ETB for Minecraft 1.8 - as simple and as optimized as possible. It will be able to use even the owner of the weakest PC. It does not have any huge visual effects, so that the load on the graphics card can not worry at all. It is worth noting that the design of even the main menu will surprise anyone. Since it is just white with a little name ETB. Anticheats for this hack bypasses at the secondary level, so high hopes on him to place is not worth it.


The (ring) learning with errors (RLWE/LWE) problem is one of the most promising candidates for constructing quantum-secure key exchange protocols. In this work, we design and implement specialized hardware multiplier units for both LWE and RLWE key exchange schemes to maximize their computational efficiency. By exploiting the algebraic structure with aggressive parameter sets, we show that the design and implementation of LWE key exchange on hardware is considerably easier and more flexible than RLWE. Using the proposed architectures, we show that client-side energy-efficiency of LWE-based key exchange can be on the same order, or even (slightly) better than RLWE-based schemes, making LWE an attractive option for designing post-quantum cryptographic suite.

Anti-virus software (AVS) tools are used to detect Malware in a system. However, software-based AVS are vulnerable to attacks. A malicious entity can exploit these vulnerabilities to subvert the AVS. Recently, hardware components such as Hardware Performance Counters (HPC) have been used for Malware detection. In this paper, we propose PREEMPT, a zero overhead, high-accuracy and low-latency technique to detect Malware by re-purposing the embedded trace buffer (ETB), a debug hardware component available in most modern processors. The ETB is used for post-silicon validation and debug and allows us to control and monitor the internal activities of a chip, beyond what is provided by the Input/Output pins. PREEMPT combines these hardware-level observations with machine learning-based classifiers to preempt Malware before it can cause damage. There are many benefits of re-using the ETB for Malware detection. It is difficult to hack into hardware compared to software, and hence, PREEMPT is more robust against attacks than AVS. PREEMPT does not incur performance penalties. Finally, PREEMPT has a high True Positive value of 94% and maintains a low False Positive value of 2%.

With standard GIT tools, use git clone to initialize a local repository, and git pull to update it. There are also gitweb pages letting you browse the repository with a web browser, or download arbitrary snapshots without needing a GIT client:


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