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HOT! Dotfuscator Professional Edition Keygen Download UPDATED

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HOT! Dotfuscator Professional Edition Keygen Download

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The result is that you may need to increase the price of the for-pay edition, so that in the end instead of 2,000 users at $20 each you have 100,000 free users, of which 500 are willing to pay $99 for the "professional" edition. This earns you more money than if you spent a bunch of time locking up your product. More than that, you can engage these free users and leverage the relationship in several important ways.

The best features to reserve for the professional edition are tools aimed at making it easy to do corporate deployment and management. A cracker won't see these as a compelling enough reason to hack it for his own use, but for a business looking to buy 300 licenses and push it out company-wide this is a must-have. Of course, the professional edition will be pirated anyway, but again: don't sweat it because you probably wouldn't be able to sell the product to those pirates no matter what you did, so it's not costing you any revenue.

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