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Sindhi Books Of Rasool Bux Palijo

Sindhi Books of Rasool Bux Palijo

Rasool Bux Palijo (1930-2018) was a prominent Sindhi leftist, Marxist revolutionary, scholar, writer, poet, and human rights lawyer. He was the founder and leader of Awami Tahreek, a progressive and leftist party in Pakistan. He wrote more than 40 books on various subjects, ranging from literature to politics, prison diaries, culture, and poetry. He was fluent in several languages, including Sindhi, Urdu, English, Hindi, Arabic, Balochi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Persian. He was also a prolific speaker and a fierce critic of feudalism, martial laws, colonialism, and imperialism. He spent more than 11 years in jail for his political activism and was declared as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International in 1981.

Some of his most notable Sindhi books are:


  • Book from Indus: This book is a collection of essays on various topics related to the history, culture, politics, and economy of Sindh and Pakistan. Palijo analyzes the historical events and contemporary issues from a Marxist perspective and offers his insights and suggestions for the future. He also discusses the role of Sindhi nationalists, intellectuals, writers, poets, and activists in the struggle for democracy and social justice. He criticizes the policies of the military dictators and the feudal lords who have exploited and oppressed the people of Sindh for decades. He also exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of the religious fundamentalists and the ethnic chauvinists who have divided the nation along sectarian and linguistic lines. He advocates for a secular, democratic, federal, and socialist Pakistan that respects the rights and aspirations of all its citizens.

  • Rasool Bux Palijo: An Icon of Relentless Struggle: This book is a biography of Palijo written by his son Ayaz Latif Palijo, who is also a prominent Sindhi politician, lawyer, writer, and activist. The book covers the life and achievements of Palijo from his birth in 1930 to his death in 2018. It narrates his personal and family history, his education and career, his political and literary work, his imprisonment and torture, his awards and honors, his legacy and influence. The book also contains rare photographs, documents, letters, speeches, poems, and articles by Palijo. It is a tribute to one of the most remarkable personalities of Sindh and Pakistan.

  • Sindhu Ji Saanjhah: This book is a collection of poems by Palijo that reflect his love for Sindh and its people. The poems are written in various forms and styles, such as ghazals, nazms, rubais, qitas, dohas, geets, songs, etc. The poems express his emotions and thoughts on various themes such as patriotism, revolution, culture, history, nature, love, sorrow, etc. The poems also celebrate the beauty and diversity of Sindh's landscape, language, literature, music, art, folklore, etc. The book is a testament to Palijo's poetic talent and his passion for Sindhi culture.

These are some of the sindhi books of Rasool Bux Palijo that showcase his intellectual brilliance and his dedication to the cause of Sindh and Pakistan. His books are a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about Sindh's history, culture, politics, literature, poetry, etc.


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