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Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks [Rex2] [loopville] Free Download

Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks [Rex2] [loopville] Free Download

If you are looking for a collection of complex, exciting, and hi-tech drum loops, you might want to check out Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks. This series of loop libraries is ideal for producers of Electronica, IDM, Glitch, Industrial, and Film soundtracks. In this article, we will review the features and benefits of Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks, and show you how to get it for free.

Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks [Rex2] [loopville] Free Download

What is Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks?

Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks is a series of two loop libraries, Abstrakt Breaks 1 and Abstrakt Breaks 2, that offer a superb collection of complex, exciting, and hi-tech drum loops. Each library contains 200 4-bar loops that are sorted into 43 or 47 grooves respectively. Each groove consists of separate loops for kicks, snares, percussion, hats, glitches, and other elements. This allows you to break down a groove within your track, or to mix and match different elements of different grooves to form original combinations. This concept is the creative heart of the Abstrakt Breaks series, and instantly gives inspiring and original results.

Each loop has been produced and mastered at 24 bit, ensuring a sparkling sharp sound that covers the full frequency range. The loops have been fully processed into Rex Files and Apple Loops as well as WAV format, giving you full drag and drop compatibility with all major sequencing packages and samplers. You can also use the loops in Ableton Live with the Abstrakt Breaks Live Pack, which includes over 250 Live Clips with full macro control.

What are the benefits of Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks?

Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks offers many benefits for producers who want to add some complexity and excitement to their drum tracks. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can create unique and original drum patterns by combining different elements of different grooves.

  • You can easily adjust the tempo and pitch of the loops to fit your project.

  • You can use the loops as they are or process them further with effects and filters to create new sounds.

  • You can use the loops in any genre or style of music that requires complex and hi-tech drum sounds.

  • You can use the loops as a source of inspiration or as a starting point for your own drum programming.

How to get Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks for free?

If you are interested in getting Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks for free, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Soniccouture by clicking [here].

  • Click on the Products menu and select Abstrakt Breaks or Abstrakt Breaks 2.

  • Click on the Add button and proceed to checkout.

  • Enter the coupon code "loopville" in the discount box and click on Apply.

  • The price will be reduced to zero. Click on Confirm Order and download your product.

Note: This offer is valid only until September 30th, 2023. Hurry up and get your free copy of Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks today!


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