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14 Free REPACK Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Beanie Ha...

Crochet Beanie HatsThese crochet hat patterns include a variety of your standard crochet slouchy beanie, perfect to wear as a fall accessory or as a way to keep your head warm in the winter. There are patterns for adults and children, from simple and slouchy hat patterns to those with multiple stitch designs to some featuring fun decorations, like little crochet flowers. These crochet hats can be worn anytime and are so quick and simple to make. - Candy Puffs Beanie: This free crochet hat pattern is made using the cluster stitch and includes instructions for all ages including babies, toddlers, children, and adults. Use your imagination and add a decorative detail to the outside to customize the look of this crochet beanie hat.- Easy Slouchy Beanie: This stylish slouchy hat is an easy crochet pattern to complete, so for those still a little new to crochet but want to branch out will truly enjoy making this pattern. Plus, it's worked in double crochet, which makes it a quick pattern to work up. Slouchy hats are great to have around because they work well for everyday wear due to their more casual feel. Crochet Cap Patterns with BrimsThe crochet cap patterns in this pattern collection all feature brims, which are perfect for shielding your eyes and protecting them from the sun. Whether you're looking to make a colorful spring hat for tending to your garden, or you want to make something to shield your little one's eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, you'll find your perfect crochet hat pattern here.- Colorful Spring Hat: Celebrate spring with a brand new hat. This floppy, brimmed hat is perfect for wearing during the sunny days of spring and summer. Brightly colored lightweight yarn and the shell stitch are used to complete this free crochet hat pattern. This floppy, brimmed hat is the perfect accessory to wear to a garden party or the racetrack or to give as a homemade Mother's Day gift. - Men's Brimmed Crocheted Cap: Worsted weight yarn in a neutral color (like gray, shown above) makes this a perfect pattern to make for the guy in your life. Men of all ages will appreciate this homemade crocheted cap, which will match all their outfits and keep them stylishly warm. Make this for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, or cousin. Crochet Hat Patterns for KidsHat patterns for kids are always so cute because they can get away with wearing hats that look like animals or monsters. These silly hats will brighten up a child's day, and you'll love how quickly they work up! - Precious Puppy Dog Hat: We promise, this will be the easiest puppy you'll ever have to care for! If your child has puppy fever (or maybe you do, too), then this is the perfect answer. The sweet little personality on the outside will delight the little one wearing it. The magic ring is used to create this free crochet hat pattern. Ear flaps will keep your child's ears warm, and two brown buttons are sewn on for the eyes. - Crochet Monster Hat: Whether or not it's Halloween, your kids will love wearing this scary (but also totally cute!) monster hat. Their imagination will get a big boost from this extra little pop of crochet magic. Complete with eyes and a set of teeth, this crochet hat pattern will allow anyone to relax and have a goofy day.

14 Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Beanie Ha...

Here is a list of our favorite crochet hats and beanie patterns. We've grouped the patterns together by yarn weight - from fingering weight all the way to super-bulky weight. So if you want a chunky beanie that will work up quickly, be sure to scroll all the way to the end!

Although his hat is simple to make, it has a beautiful texture and fashionable style. It's crocheted from the top down, so you can make your Single Crochet Hat however long you like: a little beanie, a longer slouch, or with a folded cuff.

If you want to crochet a hat that looks like it was knitted, this is the pattern for you. The pattern may be slow to work, but the end result is worth the extra time. The pattern includes directions for 3 different yarn weights: sport, worsted, and bulky.

Don't forget about Tunisian crochet! This crochet slouchy beanie is worked in one piece, using the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch. The pattern will show you how to customize the hat to fit specific sizes.

Each of the hats below will recommend a different hook size, so keep that in mind before starting your pattern. You can read over our crochet hook size chart and guide to get familiar with hook sizes and more!

Take a look below at this collection of free crochet hat patterns ranging in skill level from basic to easy. Whether you're looking for a cozy winter hat, a trendy beanie, or a summer sunhat, there's a crochet pattern out there to suit your needs and skills.

A crochet beanie with a pom pom is a fun and playful accessory that adds a pop of color and texture to any outfit. This type of hat is perfect for both kids and adults, and can be made in a variety of yarns and colors to suit your personal style.

This crochet hat sizing guide lists the average crochet hat sizes based on eleven different age groups. It is important to note that these measurements are the commonly used average sizes.

If you are making a hat for someone who has a size head that little smaller or larger than their peers of the same age, then you will likely need to adjust the crochet hat size up or down appropriately.

The table above has four different dimensions, all needed to make your crocheted hat the perfect size. Each dimension has its specific use, and deviating from it will result in a hat that is either too big, too small or the wrong shape.

Now that you understand how to measure for a crochet hat, you may want to try your hand at a new hat pattern that all use easy stitches! Check out some of our free crochet hat designs below.

This hat is great for beginners who would like to try something a little harder but still pretty easy! I would recommend this hat to any level crocheter for sure because of the easy crochet stitches used.

Thanks for sharing your patterns. I am searching for a hat pattern to wear for my winter walking. If I wanted to make this hat for an adult sized head, would I just crochet more rows?Thanks again for sharing:)

There are many different styles of hat that can be made with crochet. The use of these terms varies between different cultures and geographies, so below I outline 8 different kinds of hats you might see crochet patterns for. I also give a brief description of the features of each style.

If present, the brim on a crochet beanie hat often serves to provide extra security to ensure the hat stays on as well as a little extra warmth if made from a thicker crochet stitch pattern or if designed to be turned up.

The important point is to know what you want to achieve in terms of function, fit and length before you start to crochet. Once you have decided on your style, you can set about deciding how you want to construct it.

If you want more of a dome shape at the crown, then I recommend adjusting the flat circle method, crocheting fewer increases each round. This will cause the fabric to curve in and is my preferred approach to beanie hat designs.

One of the significant benefits of a side to side hat is that it can often create a more stretchy and sometimes elasticated fit. This is because crochet tends to stretch more between rows than along them (i.e. between stitches).

Top-down and bottom-up beanies can be crocheted flat and seamed together at the side, but, for the most part, they tend to be crocheted in the round. That includes both continuous rounds /spirals and joined rounds (where you slip stitch to the top of the first stitch to complete each round).

If you crochet your hat flat and then sew the two sides together then you are still going to get a visible seam. However, depending on your sewing skills and the stitch pattern you use, a sewn seam may be less visible than joining as you crochet.

You will commonly see brims on crochet hats using a crochet rib stitch. You can find a selection of back loop rib stitches which could work well as a hat brim in part 1 of my crochet rib stitch directory. If you prefer to create a brim using post stitches, part 2 of the crochet ribbing directory includes rib patterns made from back and front post stitches.

I have a detailed tutorial demonstrating how to crochet a jayg ribbed brim here. The tutorial uses a single crochet in the back loop only type of rib but you can substitute whatever kind of rib stitch you like.

For a summer hat you might want to use a lacy open stitch pattern for a lightweight aesthetic hat. For something requiring more structure, you might want to use single crochets or the waistcoat stitch or thermal stitch.

These patterns include basic beanies for crochet beginners as well as more intricate and involved patterns for adventurous crocheters or those with more experience. My aim is that there is something here for every skill level and taste!

I love easy projects that can be made with small amounts of yarn, and hats are perfect for using what you already have, and this is the perfect crochet hat pattern for experimenting with mixing up colours.

I love slouchy hats so the game night slouchy crochet beanie from crochet Kim is right up my street. The colour changing rainbow vibes are created with a self striping yarn and work beautifully against the contrasting white yarn.

This hat is one for the more intermediate crocheters as it the crown increases require a bit of concentration to ensure you maintain that lovely waffle texture. IT also has an incredible alpaca fur pom pom to add that colour pop too.

The Crochet waffle stitch is a bit of a yarn eater, but it creates a warm, dense fabric perfect for colder weather. If tight weave or opaque crochet stitches are your thing, I share some of my favourites here. 041b061a72


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