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Introduction To Watercolor [PATCHED]

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors are professional-grade, traditional Japanese watercolors. These pigment-based, lightfast paints are wonderfully creamy and respond quickly to water. They are relatively thick and can produce intense colors or delicate washes depending on how much water you use. If you water them down, you can see a moderate amount of pigment granules in the paint. Gansai Tambi paints blend very well and come in large pans with plenty of room to maneuver your brush. They are available in individual pans as well as sets ranging from 6-36 colors.

Introduction to Watercolor


These watercolors are more moist than dry pans and are packaged in squeezable tubes. This makes them very easy to mix in a separate palette. Holbein Artists' Watercolors are richly pigmented and give intense color even if you only use a small amount of paint. They use no dispersants, which allows them to preserve the texture of individual brush strokes and makes them especially good for fine details. These high-quality watercolors come in sets of 12, 18, and 24.

Global Art Fluid Watercolor Paper is ideal for watercoloring. This heavy cold press paper is glued along two opposing edges to keep the paper from buckling as you paint. This reduces the need for stretching and makes it easier to use on the go. It absorbs water and color well and has a nice texture. The Easy-Block pads are resilient enough to support a moderate amount of reworking, but they will pill if overworked.

Royal & Langnickel Zen Brushes have springy, absorbent synthetic bristles that hold their shape well. They are equipped with lightweight, chip-resistant plastic handles and strong aluminum ferrules. Their durability and smooth paint application makes them an excellent everyday brush for beginners and experienced watercolor artists alike. Royal & Langnickel Zen Brushes are available in a variety of round and flat sizes, including Round 2, Round 6, and Wash 1".

This class is an introduction to botanical art and the media of watercolor. Students will learn to create their own contemporary botanical art. The course will begin with an introduction to basic watercolor techniques. We will study botanical illustration throughout history. We will then adopt the techniques demonstrated in these historical illustrations to create our own contemporary versions of the watercolors. This class is not intended as a formal scientific exploration of plants but will use them as a source of creative inspiration. The class will cover color mixing, basic watercolor techniques and working with the unique qualities of this transparent media.

During this workshop, students will be introduced to foundational techniques of watercolor painting. They will learn about the basic materials and tools required for this versatile and enjoyable art-making process. Demonstrations and direct instruction will be brief; most of the workshop will be a hands-on, experimental art-making experience! This will be a fun, laid-back opportunity to gain some confidence with the medium.

Because our mission is to get you to create! It's been a tough time and thus we want to offer you the opportunity to give watercolor embroidery a chance regardless of your current financial situation. There will be other paid courses available as well for those who wish to dive deeper, but this isn't one of them.

Perfect! The course is made for you! You don't need to have had experience with watercolor nor embroidery before to do this workshop. However, the concentration is on how to paint on fabric, thus you will most likely want to look for additional courses and resources to get a deeper introduction to various stitch techniques as well (for example check out our youtube Charles and Elin for more free videos).

Learn the basics of watercolor with step-by-step instruction to mix colors, build layers, create a palette, hue composition, brush techniques, and more. This class is perfect for aspiring artists with no prior experience, only a passion for painting. Students will have a completed art piece to take home at the conclusion of the workshop. Open to all ages/experience levels. All supplies included.

NEW Introduction to Watercolor Class: For Adults Thursdays, 10am-1pm, Mar. 9-30 $285. For beginners and those who need a refresher course in watercolor painting. Watercolor materials, brushstrokes, color mixing, painting techniques and much more will be reviewed by artist and DAC Visual Arts instructor Kathie Milligan. Subject matter will be flowers and other natural forms or photographs of choice. No experience necessary.

If you have never painted with watercolors before, this workshop is for you. Students will learn how to apply and control the watercolor medium through practice exercises and creating several small paintings. Techniques include how to make a graduated wash, how to preserve whites, how to lift paint and correct mistakes. The second day will include additional free time for students to create paintings and receive personal one-on-one help with the instructor.

Watercolor paper is another hugely important factor when it comes to watercolor. Arches cold press is an amazing surface to paint on; and an investment. Starting out with a pad of student grade paper to play around with and get comfortable painting on is a good idea at first.

Explore the possibilities of ink and watercolor in this introduction to watercolor and ink class. We will learn about the properties of watercolor, create flat washes, work wet-into-wet, practice brushstrokes, and learn to mix any color. We will then add details and additional dimension to our paintings with pen and ink.

Learn the unique skills of watercolor painting! This book is the ultimate beginners guide to painting in watercolor. Artist Philip Berrill guides you through the entire painting process, from selecting the right materials and tools to exhibiting the finished painting.

  • This Kit Includes: 1 instruction book

  • 7 (0.16 fl oz/5 ml) tubes of watercolor paint

  • 1 tube of gouache

  • 3 paintbrushes

  • 2 drawing pencils

  • 1 paint palette

  • 6 watercolor pencils

  • 1 pencil sharpener

  • 1 pad of watercolor paper

ARTS 120 - Introduction to PaintingCredit Hours: 3Lecture Hours: 2Laboratory Hours: 2Prerequisite(s): NoneRestriction(s): NoneCorequisite(s): NoneThis course is an introduction to the materials, techniques and practices of watercolor painting. The student will acquire experience with a broad range of techniques, subject matter and approaches. Different styles of art will be explored to provide a context for students to develop their own personal language and style. Lectures with visual materials provided by the instructor and reading assignments wil be the basis for hands-on painting assignments. The emphasis is on studio work. Student Learning Outcomes of the Course: SUNY GE 8: Students will demonstrate an understanding of at least one principal form of artistic expression and the creative process inherent therein.Students will be able to:1. Identify the elements of art, and principles of design using descriptive language; and articulate supported interpretations of select works.2. Create original artwork in which students effectively utilize the elements of art.3. Demonstrate basic watercolor painting techniques and the fundamentals of color theory.

The following supplies are needed for the course. You do not need to purchase the supplies if you already have the supplies. Supplies: Pad of Bristol art paper, set of drawing pencils, set of watercolor paints, 1 paint brush, 1 Kneaded erasure, scissors, and a glue stick.

Prerequisite: None An introduction to the art of transparent watercolor and the distinctive characteristics of the medium. Color mixing, tools and paper characteristics are examined. [Semesters Offered: Spring] 041b061a72


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