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Sentinel: A Powerful and Reliable Roblox Exploit for Lua Scripts

so uh, i've decided to go back into exploiting, and luckily i've had sentinel bought. login link on the website, it didnt work, same with other links on the website, except for the support link, however all of the sentinel discord links i've checked didnt work. i've also saw some people 4 days ago say that it got deleted. what is going on?

sentinel download roblox exploit

Once you download the exploit from our website, you will get a simple guide to take you through the setup process. To use the exploit, you will need to have a key from the developer. This will be generated and sent to you for activation moments after you download the exploit. This makes it easy to address any challenges you encounter with the exploit and ensures you get automated updates whenever they are released. 2b4c41e320


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