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Backtrack Blues Band• Way Back Home (2016)Margie Baker & Friends• Live at Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society (2005)Long John Baldry• The Best of the Stony Plain Years (2014)Slick Ballinger• Mississippi Soul (2006)Frank Bard• Harmonica from the Heartland (2001) Geoff Bartley• Blues Beneath the Surface (1994)Al Basile• Soul Blue 7 (2009)• At Home Next Door (2012)• B's Expression (2015)• Mid-Century Modern (2016)• Quiet Money (2017)• B's Hot House (2019)Chris Beard• Live Wire (2005) Carey & Lurrie Bell• Gettin' Up Live (2007)LeRoy Bell• Two Sides to Every Story (2006)Lurrie Bell• Let's Talk About Love (2007)Nathan Bell• Red, White & American Blues (it couldn't happen here) (2021) Tab Benoit• Wetlands (2002)• Whiskey Store, with Jimmy Thackery (2002)• The Sea Saint Sessions (2003) • Whiskey Store Live, with Jim Thackery (2004)• Fever for the Bayou (2005)• Power of the Pontchartrain, with Louisiana's LeRoux (2007)Magnus Berg• Cut Me Loose (2014)Lisa Biales• Just Like Honey (2012)• Singing in My Soul (2013)• Belle of the Blues (2013) Eric Bibb• Friends (2004)• A Ship Called Love (2005)• Diamond Days (2006)• Deeper in the Well (2012)• Jericho Road (2013)• Blues People (2014)• Migration Blues (2017)• Global Griot (2018)Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur• Sisters & Brothers (2004)Eric Bibb & Habib Koite• Brothers in Bamako (2012)Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau• Lead Belly's Gold (2015) Eric Bibb & North Country Far with Danny Thompson• The Happiest Man in the World (2016)Big Joe & the Dynaflows• You Can't Keep a Big Man Down (2010)• Rockhouse Party (2019)Big Shanty• Collection (2011)Elvin Bishop• Booty Bumping (2007)Miss Bix & the Blues Fix• We Don't Own the Blues (2019)Brian Blain• Overqualified for the Blues (2005) Patty Blee• Disguise (2002)Rory Block• I'm Every Woman (2002)• Last Fair Deal (2003)• Sisters & Brothers, with Eric Bibb & Maria Muldaur (2004)• From the Dust (2005)• Shake 'Em On Down (2011)• I Belong to the Band (2012)• Avalon (2013) • Hard Luck Child: A Tribute to Skip James (2014)• Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White (2016)• A Woman's Soul (2018)• Prove It On Me (2020)• Ain't Nobody Worried (2022)Susie Blue & the Lonesome Fellas• Blue Train (2022)Bluff City Backsliders• Bluff City Backsliders (2002)Deanna Bogart• Pianoland (2012)• Just a Wish Away (2014) Georgie Bonds• Stepping into Time (2014)• Hit It Hard (2015)Ray Bonneville• Rough Luck (2000)• Roll It Down (2003)• Goin' by Feel (2007)• Bad Man's Blood (2011)• Easy Gone (2014)• At King Electric (2018)Bill Bourne & the Free Radio Band• Bluesland (2011)Josh Boyd & the V.I.P Band• Josh Boyd & the V.I.P Band (2005)Fiona Boyes & the Fortunetellers• Lucky 13 (2006)Fiona Boyes• Blues Woman (2009) Doyle Bramhall• Fitchburg Street (2003)The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher• Secretly Famous (2013) Breadfoot, with Anna Phoebe• Tea with Leo (2005)Eden Brent• Mississippi Number One (2008)• Ain't Got No Troubles (2010) David Bromberg• Try Me One More Time (2007)• Use Me (2011)David Bromberg Band• Only Slightly Mad (2013)• The Blues, the Whole Blues & Nothing But the Blues (2016)• Big Road (2020)Rachel Brooke• A Killer's Dream (2012)Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi• Are You Ready? The Mississippi Sessions (2020)Ronnie Baker Brooks• The Torch (2006)Big Bill Broonzy• Amsterdam Live Concerts 1953 (2006)The Brothers Comatose• Songs from the Stoop (2010) The Coby Brown Group• Homesick (2000)Greg Brown• The Evening Call (2006)• Dream City: Essential Recordings Vol. 2, 1997-2006 (2009)Harpdog Brown• For Love & Money (2019)Nappy Brown• Long Time Coming (2007)Peter Brown• Marie-Claude (2002)Savoy Brown & Kim Simmonds• The Devil to Pay (2015)Michael Jerome Browne• Drive On (2002)• Michael Jerome Browne & the Twin Rivers String Band (2004)• Double (2007) Bob Brozman• Post-Industrial Blues (2007)Manon Brunet• Queen Size (2002)Precious Bryant• Fool Me Good (2001) Bubba Mac Blues Band• Just Life (2001)Bumper Jacksons• Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In (2014) Solomon Burke• Soul Alive! (2002)Husky Burnette• Snake Oil Salvation (2007)Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm• 2 Man Wrecking Crew (2009) R.L. Burnside• My Black Name A-Ringin' (1999)Bett Butler• Short Stories (2001) Sam Butler• Raise Your Hands! (2015)Jim Byrnes• My Walking Stick (2009)• I Hear the Wind in the Wires (2012)• St. Louis Times (2014)• Long Hot Summer Days (2017)

eric roche angel tab


Carolyn Gaines• Beware of My Dog (2018)Roy Gaines & his Orchestra• Tuxedo Blues (2010)Rory Gallagher• Songs & Stories: New York Remembers Rory Gallagher (2005)Abbie Gardner• Hope (2011)Beth Garner• Snake Farm (2016)Tim Gartland• Satisfied (2019)• Truth (2022)Jay Geils, Duke Robillard & Gerry Beaudoin• New Guitar Summit (2004) Jay Geils, Gerry Beaudoin & the Kings of Strings, featuring Aaron Weinstein• Jay Geils, Gerry Beaudoin & the Kings of Strings (2006)Rayna Gellert• Workin's Too Hard (2017)Anthony Geraci• Daydreams in Blue (2020)Paul Geremia• Love, Murder & Mosquitos (2004)• Love My Stuff (2011)Drew Gibson• Letterbox (2007)Jon Gindick• When We Die, We All Come Back as Music (2016)Glamour Puss• Wire & Wood (2003) The Goat Roper Rodeo Band• Hail the Remedy (2013)David Gogo• Bare Bones: The Acoustic Blues (1999)The Golden Gate Quartet & Josh White• Freedom (2002)Myles Goodwyn• Friends of the Blues 2 (2019)Kevin Gordon• O Come Look at the Burning (2005)Rosco Gordon• No Dark in America (2004)Cathy Grier• Comin' Back to Me (2002) Groundhogs• The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 (2001)Buddy Guy• Blues Singer (2003)• Born to Play Guitar (2015)Steve Guyger• Radio Blues (2008)

Sleepy LaBeef• Rockabilly Blues (2001)Cyril Lance• Live from the Outskirts (2004) Sonny Landreth• Levee Town (2000)• The Road We're On (2003)• Grant Street (2005)Mary Lane• Travelin' Woman (2019)Jeff Lang• Everything Is Still (2001)• Dislocation Blues, with Chris Whitley (2006)Peter Lang• Dharma Blues (2001)• Guitar (2003) James LaRue• Banjo Jimmy Playing Songs to Remember (year unknown)Jerry Lawson• Just a Mortal Man (2014)Lead Belly• The Legend of Lead Belly (2006)• The Smithsonian Folkways Collection (2015)Bryan Lee• Play One for Me (2013)Mark Lemhouse• The Great American Yard Sale (2005)Lenahan• Hooligans in Suits: Live in the UK (2000)LeonVest• So Blue (2006)John Lester• So Many Reasons (2007) Gaetano Letizia• Resurrection (2016)Colin Linden• From the Water (2009)Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson• Amour (2019)John Lisi & Delta Funk• Dead Cat Bounce (2007)Little Milton• Think of Me (2005) Little Muddy• Mayan Mud (2003)Alan Lomax• various collections & archive setsJohn Long• Lost & Found (2006)Hamilton Loomis• Ain't Just Temporary (2007)Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos• Los Fabulocos (2008)Louisiana Red• When My Mama Was Living (2012) Louisiana Red & Little Victor's Juke Joint• Memphis Mojo (2011)Karen Lovely• Fish Outta Water (2017)Dr. Lozelle & the Blues Contenders• Loz Bluz (2001)The Corb Lund Band• Five Dollar Bill (2002)Rob Lutes• Middle Ground (2002)• Ride the Shadows (2006)Trudy Lynn• I'll Sing the Blues for You (2016)• Blues Keep Knockin' (2018)Shelby Lynne• I Am Shelby Lynne (2000)

Dave MacKenzie• Solo (2003)Doug MacLeod• There's a Time (2013)Peter Madsen• Carnival of Rags (2007)Janiva Magness• Bury Him at the Crossroads (2004)• Do I Move You (2006)• Original (2014)Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder• Get on Board (2022)The Peter Malick Group• Chance & Circumstance (2003) Tom Mank• Almost Time (2000)Harry Manx & Kevin Breit• Jubilee (2003)• In Good We Trust (2007)• Strictly Whatever (2011)Manx Marriner Mainline• Hell Bound for Heaven (2019) Bob Margolin• All-Star Blues Jam (2003)• In North Carolina (2006)Markey Blue Ric Latina Project• Jumpin' the Broom (2022)John Martyn• One World (2005) John-Alex Mason• Town & Country (2007) Jimbo Mathus• Knockdown South (2005)The Mark May Band & the Soul Satyr Horns• Blues Heaven (2016)John Mayall• A Special Life (2014)• Find a Way to Care (2015)• Talk About That (2016) John Mayer• Battle Studies (2009)Randy McAllister• Dope Slap Soup (2007)• Power Without Power (2021) Cash McCall & Benny Turner• Going Back Home (2019)Mighty Sam McClain• Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey) (2012)• Time & Change (2016) Tommy McClennan• Cross Cut Saw: The Complete Recordings 1940-1942 (2002)• Whiskey Head Woman: The Complete Recordings 1939-1940 (2002)Al "Coffee" McDaniel• Sole Music (2010) Deltahead McDonald• Blues on the Slide (2002)Forrest McDonald• What's It Gonna Take? (2000)Mississippi Fred McDowell• I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll (2000) Barrelhouse Buck McFarland• Alton Blues (2007)Patrick McGinley & Family Style• Patrick, Family & Friends (2001)Big Dave McLean• Faded But Not Gone (2014)• The Devil You Know (2016)The Gordon Meier Blues Experience• Magic Kingdom (2017)John Mellencamp• Trouble No More (2003)The Mercy Brothers• Strange Adventure (2006)Mikey Junior• Travelin' South (2014) Michael Paul Miller• Homeward (2002)Lisa Mills• Tempered in Fire (2011)• I'm Changing (2014)• The Triangle (2020)Mississippi Mudsharks• Train Rolls On (2007)Pete Mitchell• Cutting the Mustard (2006)Bill Mize• Joyful Noise (2002)Bruce Molsky• If It Ain't Here When I Get Back (2013)MonkeyJunk• To Behold (2011) Antoinette Montague• Pretty Blues (2006)Little Brother Montgomery• No Special Rider (1999)Coco Montoya• Can't Look Back (2002)• The Essential Coco Montoya (2009)• I Want It All Back (2010) Fred Moolten• The Way We Are (2000)• Moonlit River (2003)Moondog Medicine Show• Let It Go (2015)Moossa• Get Away (2003) Frank Morey• Cold in Hand (2002)• Made in USA (2006)Clint Morgan• Troublemaker (2021)Mud Morganfield• Son of the Seventh Son (2012)• They Call Me Mud (2018)Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson• For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters (2014)Cary Morin• Cradle to the Grave (2017)• When I Rise (2018)Mr. Groove Band• Rocket 88: Tribute to Ike Turner (2009) Geoff Muldaur• Blues Boy (2001)• Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (2003)• Geoff Muldaur & The Texas Sheiks (2009)Maria Muldaur• A Woman Alone with the Blues ... Remembering Peggy Lee (2003)• Sisters & Brothers, with Eric Bibb & Rory Block (2004)• Heart of Mine (2006)• Naughty Bawdy & Blue (2007)• Maria Muldaur & Her Garden of Joy (2009)• Steady Love (2011)Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny• Let's Get Happy Together (2021) Zoe Mulford• Roadside Saints (2006)The Dave Muskett Acoustic Blues Band• Live at the Slippery Noodle Inn (2016)Charlie Musselwhite• One Night In America (2002)• Delta Hardware (2006)


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