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Hicom Kia Software.epub

Hicom Kia Software.epub

Hicom Kia Software.epub is a file format that contains the HiCOM diagnostic tool for Hyundai and Kia vehicles. HiCOM is a professional scantool that supports all OBD2 compliant vehicles since 1996. It can perform various diagnostic functions such as reading and clearing fault codes, live data recording, actuator tests, control unit coding, common-rail injector calibration coding, and SMARTRA key coding.


HiCOM is developed by, a company that specializes in automotive diagnostics and electronics. The software can be downloaded for free from their website or from other sources . The software requires a HiCOM OBD2 USB interface, which can be purchased from or other authorized dealers. The interface contains 10 multiplexed ISO9141 K-Lines, high-speed CAN-BUS and analog measurement circuits. It supports protocols such as ISO15765, KWP2000 and ISO9141.

The Hicom Kia Software.epub file can be opened with any e-book reader that supports the EPUB format, such as Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, or iBooks. The file contains the user manual, quick start guide, and installation instructions for the HiCOM software and interface. It also contains the full ECU coverage listing for Hyundai and Kia vehicles, as well as the latest software updates and bug fixes.

The Hicom Kia Software.epub file is useful for anyone who owns or works on Hyundai or Kia vehicles. It provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use diagnostic tool that can help troubleshoot and repair various problems. It can also help with programming and coding new features or components. The EPUB format makes it convenient to access the information on any device that supports e-books.


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