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Bellows ((EXCLUSIVE))

Metal pipe expansion joints can withstand the design temperatures, pressures, as well as, provide the capacity necessary to absorb thermal growth of the piping system. The thermal movement required can be axial, lateral or angular. In some cases, the pressure thrust of a pipe expansion joint must be restrained by the use of tie rods, hinges or gimbal while allowing the bellows to move through its design deflections.



Used in various applications, e.g. as flexible sealing elements or as vibration compensating pipe connector, edge welded metal bellows from VAT, are high performance components with proven durability and longevity. VAT edge welded metal bellows are available in two versions as standard bellows, in a broad range of dimensions, materials and cleanliness levels and as custom made bellows, tailored to exact customer specifications.

Dust, coolants and chips can affect the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. A bellow moves along with the axle, thus preventing dirt from reaching the guideway. We manufacture our bellows individually for your application.

We manufacture our bellows in various designs individually tailored to your application - whether with special materials for laser, plasma and welding applications, special versions for medical technology or designs for high-speed applications

The special feature of this series are the lamellas, which are attached to the upper edge of the folds. They additionally strengthen the bellows and protect it from hot or sharp-edged chips. Thanks to this equipment, the SAMURAI series is very well suited for HSC applications: HEMA has already developed solutions for machines with speeds of up to 100 meters per minute and accelerations above 2 g.

With the W bellows, we meet two important requirements from the design of modern machine tools: on the one hand, the W bellows require less installation space than conventional models; on the other hand, they achieve larger strokes. The W bellows require less folds to achieve the same extension length. This material saving reduces the space required for compressed bellow, while our SAMURAI bellows with a 40 mm fold width reach a stroke of 56 mm, the W bellows reach up to 75 mm.

The SAMURAI apron is a modification of the SAMURAI bellows and was designed for use as a Z cover in machining centers. The substructure of the lamella aprons does not consist of an ELASTIC bellow, but only of lamella aprons secured to a tear-proof Nylon-PU material selected specifically for each application.

When bellows and covers are fitted to machinery, expensive maintenance costs and down time can be reduced or eliminated. Choose to protect exposed lead screws, ball screws, splines, shafts and other machine components with Joyce bellows and covers.

Joyce provides a full line of standard and custom manufactured bellows and covers. These are sewn into round, square, rectangular, C or U shapes with collar or flange ends. Curtain bellows and platform skirts are also available. Bellows and covers are made from coated fabrics, and offer higher durability and greater abrasion resistance than molded boots. A wide variety of fabrics and coatings are available to withstand both machine and environmental conditions at temperatures up to 550 F.

ONLINE BELLOWS CONFIGURATOR REQUEST A QUOTEROUND BELLOWSSQUARE / RECTANGULAR BELLOWSC-SHAPED BELLOWS AND WAY COVERSU-SHAPED BELLOWS AND WAY COVERSCURTAIN BELLOWSPLATFORM SKIRT BELLOWS Request a Quote using our Online Bellows Configurator. Simply click the "Online Bellows Configurator" button and choose the bellows shape, size and material. Tabs at the top of the page will guide you to select options, sizes and end condition. When a request is submitted, a drawing is instantly emailed to you and the quote will follow within 1 business day.

"instrument for producing a current of air," especially for a fire, c. 1200, belwes, literally "bags," plural of belu, belw, northern form of beli, from late Old English belg "pair of bellows; bag, purse, leathern bottle," from PIE *bhelgh- "to swell," extended form of root *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell."

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Greek phyllon "leaf," phallos "swollen penis;" Latin flos "flower," florere "to blossom, flourish," folium "leaf;" Old Prussian balsinis "cushion;" Old Norse belgr "bag, bellows;" Old English bolla "pot, cup, bowl;" Old Irish bolgaim "I swell," blath "blossom, flower," bolach "pimple," bolg "bag;" Breton bolc'h "flax pod;" Serbian buljiti "to stare, be bug-eyed;" Serbo-Croatian blazina "pillow."

a general Germanic word for "leather bag, pouch, pod" that in English has evolved to mean a part of the body; Middle English beli, from from Old English belg, bylig (West Saxon), bælg (Anglian) "leather bag, purse, pouch, pod, husk, bellows," from Proto-Germanic *balgiz "bag" (source also of Old Norse belgr "bag, bellows," bylgja "billow," Gothic balgs "wine-skin"), from PIE *bhelgh- "to swell," extended form of root *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell."

The plural of Old English belg emerged in Middle English as a separate word, bellows. The meaning "bulging part or convex surface of anything" is 1590s. The West Germanic root had a figurative or extended sense of "anger, arrogance" (as in Old English bolgenmod "enraged;" belgan (v.) "to become angry"), probably from the notion of "swelling." 041b061a72


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