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Valley Of The Dead

Captain Jan Lozano's high ranking uncle arrives just in time to save him from a firing squad. Jan has repeatedly run afoul of the Nationalist government, and it is only through the intervention of his uncle that he has been spared. General Lozano informs his nephew that in return for sparing him, the regime wants Jan to deliver a message to a unit in a dangerous area of the front. Private Decruz, a deserter that Jan had saved, is assigned to be his driver for the mission, which is seen as extremely dangerous. Wounded nationalist soldiers are seen being loaded onto a train manned by the same SS troops from the beginning of the film. Jan and Delacruz choose to take a shortcut through a valley contested between the two sides, only to stumble upon a roadblock manned by additional Germans. A German officer attempts to prevent them from passing through the area, but Jan subtlety threatens him into letting them through. As they pass through the valley, Jan and Decruz watch as an Italian Fiat fighter is shot down by a Soviet Polikarpov fighter; spotting a parachute from the downed Italian aircraft, Jan decides to take a detour to rescue the pilot, to Decruz' dismay. While searching, they stumble across barrels labeled with the insignia of the SS unit from the film's opening. They soon after reach a clearing, discovering the mangled corpse of the Italian pilot. Before they can return to their mission, a group of Republican soldiers emerge from the forest and capture Jan and Decruz.

Valley of the Dead

The Republicans search Jan, discovering that the message he'd been ordered to deliver is meaningless. The Republicans threaten to execute Decruz, but Jan lies and claims he has a wife and two kids; the Republicans decide not kill him, and decide to take both men prisoner instead. The Republican unit's photographer hangs back to take a photo of the corpse of the Italian pilot, only for the dead man to suddenly reanimate and kill him. Two of the Republican soldiers, Brodsky and Mecha, rush to intervene, physically hurling the corpse away. The zombie immediately goes on the attack, however, rapidly crawling towards Brodsky, who riddles it with submachine gun fire to no effect. Just as it is about to bite him, the unit's sergeant kills it with a shot from his revolver. The corpse of the photographer then gets back up, shocking Mecha, who had checked and was sure he was dead. It attempts to attack the group, but is swiftly dispatched. The group leaves the area, spotting Junkers bombers passing overhead as they move.

The group hears sounds of explosions coming from the Republican camp, discovering it in ruins. The group discovers the corpses of the Republican soldiers left in the camp have begun reanimating. Carlos, one of the Republican soldiers, sees his father amongs the reanimated Republicans, and attempts to greet him, only to be attacked and killed. The Republican soldiers open fire as the rest of the zombies attack them; Jan notices that the zombies have to be hit in the head to be killed. That knowledge helps the group escape, making their way to a nearby boat. They travel along the river, heading for another Republican base in the area. Once they make landfall, they are attacked by another group of zombies; Brodsky is killed as the group continues to flee. The group makes it to a small cabin, only to find it occupied by a pair of Nationalist soldiers--Jurell and Rafir-- and a nun, Sister Flor. A standoff ensues, which Jan manages to defuse, convincing the two sides to call a truce. The Nationalist soldiers reveal that they were accidentally attacked by a Junkers aircraft, which killed most of the patrol, and the reanimated dead promptly attacked them. They fled, meeting up with Sister Flor, and the group had made it to the base.

Jan advocates going to the town of Las Aguilas in hopes of stopping the plague, revealing that his brother is fighting for the Republicans. He convinces the group to go along with the plan, and they travel to the base. Jan's uncle and a German officer are at the base, and Jan's uncle reveals he knew full well what was going on, and that the Soviets are working on a similar bioweapon. Jan refuses to leave the rest of the men behind, and leaves to rejoin the group. Jan's uncle is murdered by the SS when he tries to delay a bombing raid on the valley. Decruz reveals he was bitten while retrieving the truck and volunteers to sacrifice himself, managing to blast a hole in the roadblock to allow the group to enter the base.

The group storms the train car laboratory, encountering the SS commander, who declares there is no antidote. Matacuras shoots the SS officer, only for Jan to be bitten on the hand by a zombie. She proceeds to immediately cut off his hand, preventing him from becoming fully infected. The Sergeant manages to get the train moving, although he shoots himself as a large group of zombies close in on him. The train, however, successfully escape the base as a group of German bombers arrive and begin pummeling the valley. Jan and Matacuras share a kiss as the bombs rain down. Rafir, on top of the train, is revealed to have managed to dispatch the zombie which had attacked him and have survived as well. Matacuras brings Jan back to the edge of fascist lines, and she tells him her intention to slip over the border into France, the war having been lost. They say their farewells and go their separate ways.

This ultimately forms the crux of the narrative, with a story that balances action and drama. There are an equal number of shootouts with the undead as there are verbal disagreements between combatants. Interestingly, this also doubles up to learn more about the characters, which is a nice touch.

Parents need to know that Valley of the Dead is a 2022 Spanish zombie horror-comedy in which rivals in the Spanish Civil War must work together to stop a zombie outbreak. While there's the expected zombie horror violence of zombies biting into human flesh and humans shooting zombies in the head at close or point-blank range, there's also a scene in which a group of Nazis commit a mass shooting -- killing dozens of attendees at a wedding, with screaming, blood, dead bodies. Also, a character puts a gun to their head and pulls the trigger. After a character is bitten on the hand by a zombie, another character chops their hand off. There's strong language throughout, including "f--k," "motherf----r," and ethnic and homophobic slurs. The film also has cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking.

In VALLEY OF THE DEAD, it's the middle of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, and the Nazis have joined with the fascists to take on the communists and anarchists. In the middle of this, Jan (Miki Esparbé) is on the verge of being executed for treason by the fascists before his uncle saves him at the last minute. In order to redeem himself, Jan must deliver a message to another officer and go through dangerous enemy territory. He's joined by a nervous young soldier named Decruz, and as they enter a desolate valley, they're surrounded by communist guerillas, including one nicknamed "Priest Killer" (Aura Garrido), who intend to kill them. Before that happens, however, they witness a warplane go down in the woods. Upon finding the dead paratrooper, they soon discover that the paratrooper isn't dead, but has become a zombie. Soon, other zombies from the area appear and begin to attack them. Reluctantly, the communists join forces with Jan and Decruz to work together to stop the zombie invasion.

Valley of the Dead, which is also called Malnazidos is a 2020 Spanish zombie action film directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro and set in the Spanish Civil War. A small group of sworn enemies must work together when they encounter flesh-eating zombies created in a Nazi experiment. There is some great camera work in the opening scene to show how brutal the Nazis were and how the experiment started. But, it soon fizzled towards the middle when they started to venture through the valley. They moved locations and then more and more zombies would show up until the third act which had a whole army. It felt as if it was escalating because it had to, and not because it worked for the story.

Netflix is unleashing the undead once again in an upcoming original movie titled Valley of the Dead, which the streaming service announced today for a Summer premiere.

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The film is based on the novel Noche de difuntos del 38 (Night of the dead of 38) by Manuel Martín Ferreras. It is directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro. The adapted screenplay is written by Jaime Marques Olarreaga, Alberto Fernández Arregui and Cristian Conti. The film has a runtime of about 1 hour and 41 minutes. 041b061a72


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