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Sandwich (2006) - Comedy Thriller Movie Download in HD 1080p

Sandwich Movie Review: A Double Dose of Govinda

If you are a fan of Govinda's comedy films, you might want to watch Sandwich, a 2006 Hindi-language comedy film that features him in a dual role opposite Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhry. The film is directed by Anees Bazmee and is a remake of the Kannada film Double Decker. The film was completed in 2003 but was delayed for three years and finally released in 2006. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences and was a box office failure.

sandwich movie 1080p download

The Plot

The plot of Sandwich revolves around Sher Singh (Govinda), a struggling scriptwriter who lives a double life with two wives, Nisha (Raveena Tandon) and Sweety (Mahima Chaudhry). He marries Nisha, a temperamental Marathi girl, after her father forces him to do so to save her from committing suicide. He marries Sweety, a sweet Punjabi girl, to help his sister get married to Sweety's brother. He manages to keep his bigamy a secret by changing his name to Shekhar in Mumbai and convincing his wives that there are two people who look alike. However, his life gets complicated when his two sons, who are also lookalikes, become friends at school and his wives cross paths. To make matters worse, a third person who looks like him enters the scene and claims to be Nisha's husband.

The film is a comedy of errors that showcases Govinda's comic timing and versatility as an actor. The film also features some veteran actors like Shammi Kapoor, Reema Lagoo, Satish Shah, and Kiran Kumar in supporting roles. The film has some catchy songs composed by Sandeep Chowta, Aadesh Shrivastav, and Sukhwinder Singh.

The Performances


Govinda is the highlight of the film, playing two different characters with ease and flair. He brings out the contrast between the timid and innocent Sher Singh and the smart and confident Shekhar. He also displays his trademark humor and dance skills in the film. He manages to create a chemistry with both his leading ladies and makes the audience laugh with his witty dialogues and expressions.

Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhry

Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhry play the roles of Nisha and Sweety, the two wives of Sher Singh. They both do a decent job of portraying their respective characters, who have different personalities and backgrounds. Raveena Tandon plays the fiery and possessive Nisha, who is always suspicious of her husband's whereabouts. Mahima Chaudhry plays the sweet and naive Sweety, who is unaware of her husband's double life. They both have some funny scenes with Govinda and each other in the film.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of the film consists of some seasoned actors who add to the comedy quotient of the film. Shammi Kapoor plays Sher Singh's grandfather, who is also a bigamist and supports his grandson's escapades. Reema Lagoo plays Sher Singh's mother, who is unaware of his bigamy and tries to find him a suitable bride. Satish Shah plays Nisha's father, who is a strict police officer and hates Sher Singh. Kiran Kumar plays Sweety's brother, who is a gangster and wants to kill Sher Singh. They all have their moments of humor and drama in the film.

The Music

The music of Sandwich is composed by three different music directors: Sandeep Chowta, Aadesh Shrivastav, and Sukhwinder Singh. The film has six songs, which are mostly upbeat and catchy. Some of the popular songs from the film are "Sandwich", "Hum Tum", "Chal Chal Mere Sang", "Mere Dil Ko", "Tumse Milke Dil Ka", and "Ishq Hua". The songs are sung by various singers like Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Kunal Ganjawala, Shweta Pandit, etc. The songs suit the mood and theme of the film and are well-choreographed.

The Direction

The direction of Sandwich is done by Anees Bazmee, who is known for making comedy films like No Entry, Welcome, Singh Is Kinng, etc. He adapts the Kannada film Double Decker into Hindi with some changes and additions. He tries to create a hilarious situation comedy with multiple characters and subplots. He succeeds in some parts but fails in others. The film has some loopholes and inconsistencies in the script and editing. The film also drags in some places and becomes repetitive. The film could have been better if it was more crisp and coherent.

The Verdict

Sandwich is a film that offers a double dose of Govinda's comedy but fails to deliver a satisfying story. The film has some funny moments and performances but also has some flaws and drawbacks. The film is not for everyone as it has a lot of confusion and chaos in it. The film is best suited for die-hard fans of Govinda who enjoy his style of comedy. The film is not a masterpiece but it is not a disaster either. It is a one-time watch for those who want to have some laughs.


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