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Where To Buy Super Skinny Jeans

Mavi's super skinny jeans are super flattering for any woman's wardrobe. For a classic look, our Alexa Skinny Jean is perfect for those who prioritize comfort with a mid-rise and contouring in the hip. For those who prefer a high-rise, the Alissa Skinny Jean is a super-skinny style that fits slim for an enhancing silhouette.

where to buy super skinny jeans


With over 25 years of experience crafting premium denim, Mavi Jeans has perfected the art of using high-quality fabrics and staying on-trend to develop the best women's jeans. Expertly designed using premium fabrics, our skinny jeans are created to maintain their fits, while improving with every wear and wash as they develop a custom look over time.

I own loads of extreme super skinny jeans. My favourites are the Dr. Denim Kissy jeans. Asos offers them for both men and women, but others only target women. They have a great fit, with fake front front pockets for a nice and sleek look.

I am a guy and I only wear super skinny jeans. I only buy mine from the Men section though because many (but not all) jeans designed for women usually gives very little room for the crotch. Jeans are designed for men provides more space, especially if they are low-waist jeans.

I think women look very hot in skinny jeans and women I have talked to think men look hot in skinny jeans. Super-skinny that are black, worn-out and ripped looks amazing on women. It looks raw! What types of skinnies do you think looks best on men?

Need something true-blue to be your everyday super skinny staple? Our HT Denim Destructed Indigo Stinger Jean could be your perfect fit. What about an iconic pair of black denim to elevate your latest look? Our HT Denim Black Stinger Jeans are a must.

This icy, white denim wash features a super-skinny silhouette that hugs every curve. from your waist, down to your ankles. Its silver hardware accents its white tone to give it a luxe look that adds to its classic design. Sitting just above the waist for a sculpted look, this denim will never go out of style. Comes in a stretchable denim with a classic 5-pocket design, single-button front, and zip-fly closure.

These G-Star Shape jeans are designed with curves in mind, where the seat is shaped for maximum shaping. Offering a high waist on a super skinny fit. The shaped waistband wraps around the waist to eliminate any gaps. 041b061a72


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