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Embryonic DevelopmentThe development of C. elegans is known in great detail because this tiny organism (1 mm in length) is transparent and the developmental pattern of all 959 of its somatic cells has been traced. C. elegans generally reproduces as a self-fertilizing hermaphrodite, with each animal producing BOTH sperm and eggs. Two reflexed gonadal arms (each of which contains an ovary, oviduct, spermatheca, and uterus) terminate at the vulva, located midway along the ventral side. The mature hermaphrodite is effectively a female because the gonad has first made and stored sperm before turning to the production of oocytes. Eggs (developing embryos) are fertilized by endogenous sperm and then undergo some development inside the parental hermaphrodite. Embryos are arranged along the uterus with the most developed ones found nearest the vulva. Fertilized eggs are covered with a chitinous shell and, when mature enough, are deposited on the agar surface. Embryogenesis occurs in about 12 hours. Post-Embryonic DevelopmentIt is important that you develop the ability to stage animals (that is; recognize the various developmental stages). This is most easily accomplished by simply viewing a mixed population, so that you can directly compare the sizes of the various developmental stages. A newly hatched animal resembles an adult in general proportions and body movement, but is only about one-sixth the length of an adult. During growth, developing larvae undergo four molts in which the old cuticle is shed and replaced by a new underlying cuticle. The inter-molt stages are designated L1 through L4, followed by adulthood. L3 and L4 hermaphrodites can be distinguished from adults via the presence of half-moon shaped structure in the area of the vulva. Worms stop pharyngeal pumping and become lethargic while molting. During growth at 20C, molting occurs at approximately 14, 22, 30, and 40 hours after hatching, with egg laying commencing at about 50 hours. During larval development, the number of non-gonadal cells increases from about 550 in the newly hatched L1 to about 810 in the mature hermaphrodite and to about 970 in the mature male. At hatching the L1 has only 4 gonadal cells. These cells proliferate to form the adult reproductive system of approximately 2500 nuclei.

Reproduction by self-fertilization, though convenient for mutant isolation and maintenance, does not provide a means to recombine independently isolated mutations. Genetic analysis therefore depends on the existence of males, which are produced spontaneously in hermaphrodite populations by meiotic non-disjunction at a frequency of 0.1%. Males posses 5 pairs of autosomes and one X chromosome, while hermaphrodites posses two X chromosomes in addition to the autosomal complement (the XX vs. XO system). Males are distinguished from hermaphrodites by their smaller size and by the fan-like copulatory bursa at the tip of the male tail. A male culture can be propagated by mating males with hermaphrodites. Half the progeny produced by such cross-fertilization are male. A culture of wide-type males can be constantly maintained and these males can be used for mating with mutant hermaphrodites. Such crosses produce heterozygous males that are then used to transfer the mutant marker to other hermaphrodites, so that genetic mapping and complementation tests are possible.Adult C. elegans hermaphroditeAdult C. elegans maleThe majority of the mutants characterized to date are non-lethal and display a clearly visible phenotype. A large number of mutants are "uncoordinated" (now representing nearly 100 genes). Uncoordinated phenotypes range from small aberrations in movement to nearly complete paralysis. There are some great movies of hermaphrodite, male and mutant movement at Dr. Ian Chin-Sang's website.

For what it's worth, I am much less troubled by the message that thislicense says: "go get some action," than the injustice and inefficiency of punishingpurely consensual relations between mature and informed individuals. But I should note that I'd be fine if the sex-ed license focused on the consequencesof sex so it served a bit like a "scared straight" movie. Maybe a condition for the license would also require everyone to watch Knocked Up and Juno too...

Good questions. I happened to take a quick look at the number of times statutory rape appears in the allcases database in Westlaw, and it yielded over 7400 case opinions. That obviously will include some false positives but I'm not about to find out anything more for a blog post, for two reasons: a) many convictions (through plea agreements, etc.) will not yield published opinions and b) right now, the "entitlement" to no-sex belongs to those opposing consensual relations between some mature and informed individuals. Thus, the true scope of the problem can't be assessed simply by looking at the "bad" prosecutions. It also has to include all those who might reasonably engage in such relations but don't do so for fear of being prosecuted or, putting aside enforcement error, because they don't want to view themselves as outlaws (at least in this respect).

I understand that you are worried about "the injustice and inefficiency of punishing purely consensual relations between mature and informed individuals." What I wonder is (1) how often do you think that this actually happens, and (2) what is your basis for that belief? I know of no empirical evidence that this is a signifciatn problem in the real world. Do you have any aggregate data to support your concern, or are you relying on an abstract worry and some horror stories (which, like all "horror stories," may or may not be based on fact)?

DINER -- The preoccupation with sex and some of the hijinks recall the brash vulgarity of ''Animal House,'' but as a whole this is the most mature treatment so far of the 1950s ''nostalgia'' theme, and the most accurate in its facts and feelings. The action centers on a group of young men in their early 20s who hang around an eatery and wonder what it'll be like when (and if) they finally grow up. Directed by Barry Levinson. (Rated R; contains vulgar language and situations.)

At times, Buffy and company had me and my daughter in stitches. At other times, we were in tears or scared to look around the corner. To my daughter, this seems commonplace. Think of the Doctor Who or Battlestar Gallacta reboots. No longer is entertainment so easily categorized. 041b061a72


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