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Although most leukemias occurring after exposure to radiation are AML rather than ALL, an increased prevalence of ALL was noted in survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb but not in those who survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

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RA occurs when your body erroneously launches an immune attack where subsequent inflammation gradually destroys tissue in the lining of your joints, and in some cases other parts of the body such as the lungs, blood vessels and heart.

However, the commentators noted that for the first five plagues, Pharaoh is said to harden his own heart. The obstinacy, the refusal, the intransigence are his. Only with the sixth plague is God said to have done so. This led to several explanations.

Rashi says that the hardening of Pharaoh's heart in the last five plagues was a punishment for the first five, when it was Pharaoh's own obstinacy that led him to refuse to let the people go. 1

Albo and Sforno offer the opposite interpretation. God hardened Pharaoh's heart precisely to restore his free will. After the succession of plagues that had devastated the land, Pharaoh was under overwhelming pressure to let the Israelites go. Had he done so, it would not have been out of free choice, but rather under force majeure. God therefore strengthened Pharaoh's heart so that even after the first five plagues he was genuinely free to say Yes or No. 3

On one side of the scales was a feather. On the other, was placed the heart. If the heart was as light as the feather, the dead could continue to Aaru, but if it was heavier, it was devoured by the goddess Ammit (a combination of lion, hippopotamus and crocodile), and its owner was condemned to live in Duat, the underworld. An illustration, on papyrus, in The Book of the Dead shows the ceremony, undertaken in the Hall of Two Truths, overseen by Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead.

On this reading, the whole issue of Pharaoh hardening his heart was not so much psychological as political. In his position as semi-divine head of state of an empire that practised forced labour on a massive scale, Pharaoh could not let the Israelites go free without creating the risk that other groups would also challenge the Corvée, the unpaid, conscripted semi-slave labour that was part of Egyptian society from the building of the pyramids and abolished only in 1882.

Seeking to protect order, he created chaos. That is because the order he was seeking to protect was built on a foundation of injustice: the enslavement of the many for the benefit of the few. The more he tried to defend it, the heavier his heart grew.

ACE inhibitors are often the blood pressure drugs of choice; they improve artery function, protect the kidneys, and protect the heart while lowering blood pressure. However, in controlled clinical trials, most showed no significant reduction in total or cardiovascular mortality compared to a diuretic.

Pregnancy is a source of risk for disease and death [115]. This is associated with several physiological various transformations that take place during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal and mechanistic changes during pregnancy, several changes also happen in respiratory and cardiovascular systems, particularly increased stroke volume, heart rate, reduced O2 consumption, and decreased lung capacity (Fig. 7) [116]. Immunologically relevant changes also occur during pregnancy, shifting from cell-mediated to humoral immunity [117]. Such changes can make pregnant women more vulnerable or more likely to be seriously exposed to specific viral infections, such as influenza [118]. While suitable Control groups that are not pregnant are usually not as available, the death rates for pregnant women in the 1918 and 1957 pandemics appear to be abnormally high. Of the 1,350 influenza cases reported in pregnant women during the 1918 pandemic, the proportion of deaths was 27% [119]. Likewise, 45% of pregnant women hospitalized with influenza died in 1918, and 20% of pregnancy-related deaths during the 1957 pandemic; half of the deaths of women of reproductive age were due to pregnancy [120].

Due to the versatility with electricity (such as electrocution, heat generation, computer, mind hacking, electrolysis, etc.) and magnetism (such as metal manipulation, magnetic levitation, atomic manipulation, attract and repel, etc.), electromagnetism is one of the strongest and versatile abilities in existence.

While confined to his lab, the security detail outside was later eliminated by Gray Fox who then threatened Hal and demanded to know the whereabouts of Solid Snake. In fear of Fox, Hal lost bladder control and urinated on himself and the floor. When Snake interrupted the confrontation shortly thereafter, Hal hid in a nearby locker while Snake and Fox fought in the lab, spraining his ankle in the process. When Snake finally forced Fox to flee, Hal reluctantly revealed himself and was shocked to learn the true nature of his creation from Snake, after being interrogated on the subject (as Snake was unaware of Hal's ignorance of its purpose). Devastated, he decided to take responsibility his actions by aiding Snake in his mission, utilizing his stealth camouflage to sneak around the base and provide support. Prior to doing so, Snake also expressed concern for his health to his confusion, not realizing that his boss as well as the DARPA chief had died of apparent heart attacks shortly after meeting Snake.

THE MINDSET LIST OF HAVANA SYNDROME Other than UFO sightings, few unexplained events have gotten as much attention as has the so-called HAVANA SYNDROME, a series of incidents reported especially by American (and some Canadian) diplomats all over the world. These personnel and their families say that they have experienced a wide array of symptoms, including disorientation, imbalance, nausea, confusion, concussion, deafness, and fatigue. A few of them have been unable to return to work, and a Congressional bill, bi-partisan, and signed by the president, has supplied benefits for American government employees who experience brain and heart injuries, Havana Syndrome is a cause for alarm and mystery. But it has not happened in a vacuum but in a mindset. It maps onto Read on 041b061a72


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