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Mano A Mano (Open Music

Mano a manoSong by Karol Sevilla, Valentina Zenere, Katja Martínez, Ana Jara, Chiara Parravicini, and Carolina KopelioffAlbumModo amarReleasedApril 6, 2018First EpisodeSeason 2/Episode 46GenreRockLength2:30Video Elenco de Soy Luna - Mano a Mano

Mano A Mano (Open Music

Mano a mano is a saying that means "on equal footing" that also exists in English vernacular. Literally, mano a mano could also mean hand-to-hand, referring to combat/competition or hand-in-hand, referring to cooperation. In the context of the song, the singer could either be saying that she is equal parts good and bad or that she has an internal struggle between the good and bad. 041b061a72


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