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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Calculator Runescape Wiki UPD

- Fighting hiscores as of 25/12/01, someone copied the 2000 people :D - Overall list 25/12/01 - Old rs tipsite, use google translate or something. With original images of the old rs site ive been searching for for a while! - Toplist 20/06/01 - Old nite @ top hiscores, original farm symbol - First player to reach farming 30 - Hiscoresglitch -first-2000-runescape-players/?quot; - First 2k rs players ever. Dunno the source, but when I check the list it looks real. - Andrew pming when member got released - Zezima hiscores without farming - Zezima hiscores with farming - Zezima was the first to 2079 total! - Famous wikian right? :P - Toplist 6/6/1 - Toplist 20/4/1 - Hiscores - Hiscores 21/1/1 - "Top 25 clerics"? - Halloween 2002 - Black hole - Old interface - Old stats - Aprils fools store 2004 - Old worldmap when asgarnia got added - Serverstats - Serverstats - Serverstats -6-0.html - Hiscore evidence for 99 wc everdred - RSmap after relaese of musa point - nice tipsite - Ehh? - Wut?

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Calculator Runescape Wiki


Of the 4 scryers I messaged, 3 replied, all with positive attitudes to contributing to lores on the wiki. One was rather preoccupied with life atm, [[w:c:runscapelores:User:NebulaOrangeanother]] didn't want to give a definitive answer on helping due a clan restructuring soon that may take up most of their time. By far the most interesting response was from Robo Hobo. Apparently he had an idea for a points system relating to ranking in the clan based on creating and maintaining lore articles on the lores wiki. He seemed to think the idea could pretty well to here, meaning we could end up with a whole host of scryers editing here. I have yet to hear back from [[w:c:runescapelores:User:Freolinthe last]], but he's a little tricky to get hold of anyway. cqm 00:29,14/10/2012 (UTC) (UTC)

I am unsure if you remember me as I have been quite inactive on the wiki for the past two or three years, but in 2011 you asked me if I wanted to help for the calculators on the wiki. I have just talked a bit with The Mol Man who said you guys were trying to put in a project to improve the quality and quantity of calculators on the wiki. I would just like to let you know that I would be interested in helping you achieve this and think this wiki would really benefit from a broader range of calculators.


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