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How to Become a Werewolf, a Zombie, or a Chicken in Minecraft PE with Shape-Shifter Mod

The shapeshifter mod for mcpe app adds objects to the game with which you can change the shape of the hero. For example, you can transform into a vampire or werewolf. Shapeshifter mod Minecraft will allow you to gain strength from armor that drops from bosses and mobs. And also to become like these beings. You will also get other things, for example, emblems for shapeshifter mod for minecraft. They differ from armor, but have their own unique properties.Apart from this add-on to the game, you will find a new version of the morph mod that has its own amazing features. Enjoy new sets of armor, mobs and weapons in our shape shifter mod app for MCPE.With the help of these mobs, you can play as any creature, as well as troll your friends.The shapeshifter minecraft mod app is an unofficial addition to the game. The morph mod 5 addon is in no way associated with Mojang AB, their assets, brand and name. We also do not claim the intellectual property of these add-ons.

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