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Before you get settled in, here's a quick lowdown. Established in 2007, hardgraft is a small independent fine lifestyle accessories brand. Bags, small leather goods and footwear made in Italy from premium rich leather, felted wool and vegan leather alternative.


The slipper booties by thies are made of soft woolfelt and the lining and insole are made with GOTS certified eco wool . The slippers are light, the outsole made of recyclable, real rubber comfy & cozy.

Stylish protection from scuffs, dings and mystery rings. Merino wool felt would seem to be an unconventional choice for surface & tabletop. Prized for its high-performance properties & easy care we assure you it is the best material you can use on essentially any surface.

In multiple colors, you can add a sophisticated touch to your tissue presentation in every room in your house. Plus, the magic of Merino wool felt naturally resists bacteria and mildew growth and is designed to resist odors and growth.

This dog collar is made of vegetable tanned full grain leather in combination with pure wool felt. It has a wider part and a wool felt layer, which makes it soft to the touch and comfy to wear. A necklace for your pup's gentle neck. 100% natural. No silicone. No plastic.

Another potential con of working with felt is that some types, particularly those made of natural wool, are likely to shrink if washed incorrectly. This can typically be avoided by handwashing, or using a cool, delicate cycle in the washing machine. Make sure to avoid using a dryer, however. Reshape items made of felt and dry them flat, just as you would a woolen sweater.

Our sleeve and folio collection is available for the entire MacBook series. Our regular sleeve is carefully designed to be the perfect fit for each MacBook, and you can charge the laptop right in the sleeve. If you prefer to fully enclose your MacBook while on the go, our zipped folios ensure complete protection. Our MacBook sleeve and folio lineup comes available in two main material setups: Scandinavian full-grain leather lined with 100% natural wool felt, or matte PU lined with 100% Recycled PET felt.

The slim leather sleeve is tailor-made to ensure a perfectly snug fit for your MacBook. The Swedish minimalistic design keeps the overall bulk to a minimum. Made for maximum functionality, it is possible to charge the laptop right in the sleeve and it also works great as a pad underneath while using it. The MacBook Air leather sleeve and MacBook Pro leather sleeve exterior is made with our signature full-grain leather of Scandinavian origin and the interior is lined with 100% natural wool felt.

Our coated collection for MacBook adds to our signature leather and wool lineup. Made with a protective and waterproof shell in matte PU instead of leather, and polyester felt deriving from Recycled PET bottles instead of wool - this fully synthetic product lineup covers both our sleeves as well as zipped folios. The matte PU finish gives the products a timeless, yet contemporary and tech-like aesthetic. Our MacBook case is tailor-made to fit perfectly with each different model. Available for 13-inch and 14-inch MacBook models as well as 16-inch MacBook Pro (M1/M2 Pro, M1/M2 Max). Colors include Black, Blue, and Green.

The inside of the MacBook Air and Pro leather cases are lined with 100% natural wool felt sourced in Germany. The soft, water-repellent, and shock-absorbent wool is a beautiful and highly functional lining material that helps protect the laptop through everyday life. 041b061a72


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