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Create full-disk forensic images and process a wide range of data types from many sources, from hard drive data to mobile devices, network data and Internet storage, all in a centralized, secure database. FTK processes and indexes data upfront, eliminating wasted time waiting for searches to execute. Cut down on OCR time by up to 30% with our efficient OCR engine.

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UPDATE: after going through this whole process, if you want to redownload Xcode from the App Store (I did try it) you can, and the spinning wheel was there again. But this time it resolved after a few minutes and the application was successfully installed. But I purposely tried to keep the laptop awake the whole time. I think if your laptop goes to sleep in the middle of this process, it causes the installer to bug and spin indefinitely.

The patch that fixes daylight saving time is below. Sign on to the thin client as administrator. After downloading the zip file make certain you extract the file and save it as an exe file. After running the program make certain changes are committed or they will be lost.

Our attack is especially catastrophic against version 2.4 and above of wpa_supplicant, a Wi-Fi client commonly used on Linux.Here, the client will install an all-zero encryption key instead of reinstalling the real key.This vulnerability appears to be caused by a remark in the Wi-Fi standard that suggests to clear the encryption key from memory once it has been installed for the first time.When the client now receives a retransmitted message 3 of the 4-way handshake, it will reinstall the now-cleared encryption key, effectively installing an all-zero key.Because Android uses wpa_supplicant, Android 6.0 and above also contains this vulnerability.This makes it trivial to intercept and manipulate traffic sent by these Linux and Android devices.Note that currently 50% of Android devices are vulnerable to this exceptionally devastating variant of our attack.

Supported deterministic terms depend on the selected model and include a model constant (offset or intercept) and linear time trend. To include a model constant (offset or intercept) term, select the Include Constant Term or Include Offset Term check box. Similar for a linear time trend, select the Include Trend check box. To remove a deterministic term (that is, constrain it to zero during estimation), clear the check box. The location and type of the check box in the Type Model Parameters dialog box depends on the model type. By default, Econometric Modeler includes a model constant in all model types except conditional variance models.

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Option mid-price is used to calculate implied volatility based on the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). For Option Greeks, if implied volatility cannot be calculated at the mid-price, the National Best Offer (NBO) will be used.For underlying price, the mid-market is typically used but as-of 2021-02-14 we may instead incorporate a theoretical underlier price that is smoothed across time to adjust for wide bid-ask spreads and absence of prices.Academic DiscountDoes DataShop offer a discount on datasets for academic purposes?Discounts are offered on select historical datasets to qualifying accredited educational institutions to facilitate academic research and education. For complete details, click hereSales TaxDisclaimer: The below information should not be considered tax advice. Please contact your state's Department of Revenue or a tax advisor for guidance.How is tax calculated?LiveVol charges sales tax on orders for taxable items in accordance with applicable state and local tax laws. For DataShop orders, the sales tax is estimated until the order is finalized through our internal fulfillment process. The final sales tax charge will be reflected in your confirmation email.What is a sales tax exemption certificate?A sales tax exemption certificate is a document that enables a purchaser to make tax-free purchases that would normally be subject to sales tax. The purchaser completes the certificate and provides it to the seller. The certificate relieves the seller of sales tax collection and remittance requirements in a specific jurisdiction. For more information about sales tax exemption requirements, please reference your state's Department of Revenue website.How do I obtain a sales tax exemption on my LiveVol purchases?You must provide LiveVol with a properly completed sales tax exemption certificate for your state. To obtain an exemption certificate, please visit your state's Department of Revenue website. Once LiveVol has received and reviewed the exemption certificate, your account will be updated to reflect the exempt status. You must be logged into your DataShop account for your sales tax exemption to be applied to future orders.I did not provide LiveVol with an exemption certificate prior to completing my DataShop order. Can I get a refund of the sales tax paid?Yes, LiveVol will refund sales tax paid in error if it receives a written request accompanied by a valid exemption certificate within ninety (90) days of the order date.LiveVol Platform Sign Up QuestionsHow long does it take for my new LiveVol account to become active?Your LiveVol Account will become active after an overnight cycleCancellation of an Annual Billed Monthly OrderAt the time of cancellation, you will be charged for the remaining amount on your order. The final payment will be determined by how many remaining months you have on your annual subscription multiplied by the base cost of the order. Sales tax will be added based on this total. You will not charged for any data/access fees for the remaining months on your subscription.Symbol InformationWhen did SPY Options begin trading?SPY Options began trading on January 10,2005.When did Cboe List Tuesday and Thursday SPY Expirations?SPY Tues expiries started Nov 14,2022 and Thurs expiries started Nov 16,2022.When did the Cboe list Monday and Wednesday expirations in SPY?Monday expirations were listed on February 16, 2018, and Wednesday Expirations on August 30, 2016.When did the Cboe list Tuesday and Thursday expirations in SPX?Tuesday expirations were listed on April 18, 2022, and Thursday Expirations on May 11, 2022.When did the Cboe list Friday expirations in SPX?Friday expirations were listed October 28, 2005.What were the additional Tues expiring SPXW weeklies added on Sept.19, 2022?Oct 4, 2022, Oct 11, 2022, and Oct 18, 2022What were the additional Thurs expiring SPXW weeklies added on Sept.28, 2022?Oct 13, 2022, Oct 20, 2022, and Oct 27, 2022When did the Cboe list End Of Month expirations in SPX?End Of Month expirations were listed July 7, 2014.When did Cboe start listing Tuesday and Wednesday XSP Expirations?XSP Tues expiries started Oct 3,2022 and Thurs expiries started Oct 12,2022.When was TWTR delisted?TWTR was delisted November 8, 2022When were the Tick Increments changed for VIX Options, and what was the change?On Oct 2 ,2022 C1 modified the minimum tick size for electronic and verbal bids and offers on single-leg quotes and orders in VIX options, as follows:Bid of Offer PriceCurrent InformationNew IncrementsUnder $3.00$0.05$0.01Over $3.00$0.10$0.05LiveVol Pro ScannerI see that there are multiple Sigma filters in the Pro Scanner. What does Sigma mean?Sigma is the regular third Friday (no weeklies included) expiration At-The-Money (ATM) Implied Volatility (IV). Sigma 1 is for the upcoming third Friday expiration ATM IV; Sigma 2 is the second regular Friday expiration from now ATM IV, and Sigma 3 is the third regular Friday expiration from now ATM IV.LiveVol TradeTapeWhat is the difference between "Trade Tape" (Pro version) and "Trade Tape - Underlying Specific" (Core Version)?The Trade Tape in the PRO version is a configurable and filterable live scrolling record of option trading activity across all US option exchanges. The CORE platform is underlying specific and will only display symbol that is entered. There is no market tab selection for all option trading activity.Cboe Global Indices Feed (CGIF) (Formerly CSMI)Where can I see the list of indices and symbols?Current CGIF symbolsHistorical notices and upcoming additionsFor DataShop product coverage, please see individual product specifications for details.CME Add-on Futures Symbols ListWhat Futures Symbols do I receive if I purchase the CME add-on?You can view the list of Futures symbols that currently available by clicking here.Are Future Options Included in the CME add-on?No,only Stock Index Futures.LiveVol Time and SalesWhen researching a trade in the "Time and Sales" tab, and specifically under "Trades and Quotes", what is the difference between Market and Option NBBO?The Market column displays the market quotes for an individual venue (the exchange displayed in the exchange column). The Option NBBO displays the best option quote across all exchanges. If the market quote is yellow, it touches the NBBO.Dark PoolWhere can I view Equity Dark Pool Trades in the LiveVol Platform?Dark Pool trades can be viewed in Time and Sales by selecting Underlying Trades, and exchanges NQNX and NTRF.Data SetsDoes the "All Symbols" selection include proprietary single list like the ^SPX and ^VIX?YesWhat is the data file layout for multiple symbols/multiple days?If the report is a historical report or a subscription, there will be one file per day and the file is a comma separated values file (.csv). Symbols occupy rows in an alphabetical sorting and if the number of rows will exceed maximum limit in Excel, you can split or open 2 excel sheets.What stocks are included in the "All Symbols" choice when ordering Equity and Equity Option products?Our Equity data sets cover U.S. Equities and ETFs primary listed on national equity exchanges (excludes OTC). Indices on the Cboe Global Indices Feed are also included.Our Options data sets cover Options on U.S. listed Stock, ETFs, and Indices disseminated over the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) market data feed. Options on Futures & non-U.S. markets are *not* supported.When did QQQQ change to QQQ?QQQQ changed to QQQ on March 23, 2011.What is the new VIX spot value dissemination end time change?Due to the Cboe VIX spot calculation methodology change announced 9/22/2021, we will start including VIX data through 16:16:00 ET in the following DataShop products effective 9/27/2021. 1: Equity, ETF & Index Quotes 2: Equity, ETF & Index Trades 3: Equity EOD Summary 4: CSMI Index Quotes 5: CSMI EOD Quotes 6: VIX Index Values To view the Release notes click here.What are the irretrievable gaps in our VIX Spot Value Data?There are 3 irretrievable gaps in our VIX Spot Value Data 09/20/03-12/31/03 03/27/07-03/30/07 05/30/07-05/31/07Which time zone is the FX Dataset in?FX data is in the Eastern Time Zone.What are the Irretrievable dates for the FX Top of Book, Snapshot, and Trades ?No available data for Top of Book, and Snapshot 2015-05-01, 2015-05-04, 2015-05-05, 2021-07-05. No Trade data for 2021-07-05If I sign up for a subscription to a daily file for Equity or Option data, what time will it be ready to download from the SFTP?Daily files for a trade date are provided the following day via SFTP. Files are typically uploaded between 0:05 am to 3:00 am U.S. Eastern time, however, it is possible for a delay to cause the previous day's files to be delivered during the next day after the market opens. In this case, we will make files available as soon as possible.When is the starting date of ^NANOS, and will it be included in the ^SPX Datasets?The starting date for ^NANOS Options is March 14, 2022 and will not be included with the ^SPX Datasets.How is the MDR Sample DataSet Opened in DataShop?MDR Samples in DataShop are located in .gz archive, so it must be decompressed using 7Zip.Order ModificationWhat is Order ModificationOrder modification allows for a customer to edit criteria for an existing order, without having to go through the process of cancelling and replacing that order.What orders are eligible for order modification?Currently, all API and LVP products support order modification. Additionally, orders that have an active recurring payment profile, a payment status of 'Paid', and an order status of 'Completed' are eligible for order modification. Please note that same-day order modifications for credit card orders will require a 24hr grace period before the order can be modified. This is due to a constraint from our payment processor, which limits same day refunds. If you need to modify a completed, same-day, order, that was purchased via credit card, you will need to cancel and replace the order manually.How do I modify an order? What happens after?Go to My Account and click on Orders. Find an order on this page that you would like to modify, and click the corresponding 'Details' link. Below the order item, you will see a link titled 'Modify'. Clicking that will kick off the process wherein you can change your product criteria and place a new order. Please note, placing a new order with a credit card will still require an overnight processing step from our payment processor.Am I eligble for a refund if I modify my order?Yes! We will refund you the remaining balance on your subscription at the time of order modification. In order to calculate the remaining balance, we first determine total days between the order creation date, and the end date of the subscription, respective of monthly vs. annual:If you placed an order on 1/1/2020, for a monthly subscription, the end date will be 1/31/2020 (Add 1 month, and subtract 1 day). For this example, this amounts to a total of 30 days, not including the order date. For a yearly subscription, the end date will be 12/31/2020 (Add 1 year, and subtract 1 day). For this example, this amounts to a total of 365 days, not including the order date.


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