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Double Score (Camellia Cosmos).zip

Double Score Cosmos Camellia: A Review of the Romantic Visual Novel

Double Score is a series of Japanese otome games that feature different heroines and love interests. Each game focuses on a specific flower theme and explores the romance between the characters. In this article, we will review Double Score Cosmos Camellia, the first game in the series, which was released in 2014.

Double Score (Camellia Cosmos).zip


The story of Double Score Cosmos Camellia revolves around two heroines, Nanase and Haruka, who work as florists at a flower shop called "Fleurir". Nanase is a cheerful and energetic girl who loves flowers and dreams of becoming a famous florist. Haruka is a quiet and reserved girl who has a talent for flower arrangement but lacks confidence in herself. One day, they receive a mysterious invitation to a party at a mansion, where they meet two handsome men who claim to be their "fated partners". The men are Cosmos and Camellia, the owners of the mansion and the leaders of a secret organization called "Flower Garden". They tell Nanase and Haruka that they have been chosen as their "flower brides" and that they have to undergo a series of tests to prove their love. Nanase and Haruka are shocked by this sudden turn of events, but they decide to accept the challenge and follow their hearts.


The main characters of Double Score Cosmos Camellia are:

  • Nanase: The heroine who is paired with Cosmos. She is a lively and optimistic girl who loves flowers and enjoys her job as a florist. She is curious about Cosmos and his mysterious organization, but she also fears that he might be hiding something from her.

  • Cosmos: The love interest of Nanase. He is a charismatic and elegant man who is the leader of Flower Garden and the owner of the mansion. He has a keen interest in Nanase and wants to make her his flower bride. He is gentle and caring towards her, but he also has a dark side that he conceals from her.

  • Haruka: The heroine who is paired with Camellia. She is a shy and timid girl who has a passion for flower arrangement. She admires Camellia and his skills as a florist, but she also doubts her own abilities and worthiness.

  • Camellia: The love interest of Haruka. He is a calm and composed man who is the co-leader of Flower Garden and the co-owner of the mansion. He has a soft spot for Haruka and wants to help her overcome her insecurities. He is gentle and supportive towards her, but he also has a secret that he hides from her.


Double Score Cosmos Camellia is a visual novel game that consists of two routes: Cosmos route and Camellia route. The player can choose which route to play first, and switch between them at any time. The game has multiple endings depending on the player's choices and actions throughout the game. The game also features mini-games such as flower arrangement, quizzes, and puzzles that test the player's knowledge and skills about flowers.


The game has an original soundtrack composed by Kikuo, who is known for his unique and catchy songs. The game also features two theme songs: "Cosmos Camellia" by Yui Sakakibara, which is the opening song, and "Flower Garden" by Asami Imai, which is the ending song. Both songs are upbeat and romantic, reflecting the mood and atmosphere of the game.


Double Score Cosmos Camellia is a charming and enjoyable otome game that offers a sweet and thrilling romance with two handsome men. The game has beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and catchy music that will appeal to fans of the genre. The game also has an interesting plot, well-developed characters, and multiple endings that will keep the player hooked until the end. If you are looking for a visual novel that will make your heart flutter, you should definitely check out Double Score Cosmos Camellia.


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