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Best Time To Buy A House In Texas

Location, Location, Location! This real estate truism provides an essential kernel of wisdom; the best time to sell your house depends on what region of Texas you call home. Your neighborhood is unique, so some factors are unique to your home and the surrounding community.

best time to buy a house in texas

According to the Houston Business Journal and data from NerdWallet, the best time for price-conscious shoppers to buy a new home in Houston is not during spring and summer but in winter, early January to be exact. Even though home inventory floods the market during the peak seasons, homes for sale in January cost on average 8 percent less than they would during warmer months.

In Texas, June is considered the best month to list and sell a house according to various sources. says that listing your house in June will typically net you five percent more than the average selling price. They also noted that the best months in terms of selling quickly are May and June as the median number of days spent on the market (31) is 12 days faster than the yearly average.

"I felt defeated," she said. "We knew there were a few offers but we didn't anticipate the seller holding out for the best offer. I know many are looking at numbers and not need. Who can blame them? It just gives us first time homebuyers a disadvantage."

Despite best tenant screening processes, an investor may end up with a tenant who pays the rent late or needs to be evicted. Lost rental income and the added cost of an eviction can sometimes eat away at potential profits and overall returns, and overseeing an eviction process can be time consuming. 041b061a72


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