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Educational Psychology Nagarajan.epub [WORK]

Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to: Identify specific strategies for advancing equity in psychology and allied health sciences; Outline the ways in which cultural humility is related to equity; and Synthesize practices into an action plan to upend racism in our science.

Educational Psychology Nagarajan.epub


Scope and Goal We can all feel exhausted after a day of work, even if we have spent it sitting at a desk. The intuitive concept of mental effort pervades virtually all domains of human information processing and has become an indispensable ingredient for general theories of cognition. However, inconsistent use of the term across cognitive sciences, including cognitive psychology, education, human-factors engineering and artificial intelligence, makes it one of the least well-defined theoretical constructs across fields.

Molly Zimmerman received her PhD in clinical psychology with a focus in neuropsychology from the University of Cincinnati. She completed her clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship, both with a focus in clinical neuropsychology, at Brown University. She is currently on faculty in the department of psychology at Fordham University in the Bronx, NY where she enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and working with students. Her primary research interests span cognition and sleep disturbances, cognitive and neuroimaging correlates of sports-related mild traumatic brain injury, and the clinical neuropsychological assessment of dementia and preclinical dementia.

Dr. Brickman completed his undergraduate studies in neuroscience and psychology at Oberlin College, his PhD in psychology/neuropsychology at the City University of New York, his clinical internship at Brown Medical School, and his postdoctoral training at Columbia University, where he has been on faculty since 2007.

Although research consistently demonstrates that individuals with ASD score differently than typically developing individuals on evaluations of sensory features [1, 4, 65,66,67,68], it is time to hone in on measuring sensory features more comprehensively and clearly. One solution may be to bring together experts across disciplines (psychology, occupational therapy, neuroscience) to come to consensus around the dimensions of sensory features as it pertains to ASD. Overall, we must classify the fundamental bounds of sensory features as a construct related to ASD and test theoretical models to provide a better outline for the construct dimensions. The field continues to see therapies that claim to treat sensory symptoms central to ASD without discretely measuring the symptom or monitoring change in the behavior [41, 42, 61]. Valid and reliable sensory measures are critical to ensuring therapeutic outcomes map onto the claims of the intervention.

It is important to note that increased motivation for learning caused by the induction of a sense of competence and achievement (i.e. academic reward) has been shown to be more important for improving educational outcomes than other forms of motivation related to external reinforcement, such as monetary rewards [4, 6, 8, 15, 16]. Furthermore, it has been reported that monetary rewards can even suppress the level of intrinsic motivation to engage in cognitive activity [17].

In conclusion, we found that viewing an image intended to induce a sense of competence (i.e., an academic reward) increased cognitive performance and motivation, and that BA 47 and BA 7 were related to the increase in cognitive performance caused by the enhanced motivation induced by viewing the image. Our finding that cognitive performance can be increased by academic rewards through enhanced activation of task related brain regions would motivate further studies to clarify the neural mechanisms by which academic performance is improved by enhanced motivation to learn in longer time span, leading to establish scientific basis for the educational methods aimed to enhance motivation to learn and to devise effective educational methods.


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