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Clearview Rc Flight Simulator Crack

ClearView RC Flight Simulator: A Review

If you are looking for a professional quality RC flight simulator for radio controlled planes and helicopters, you might want to check out ClearView RC Flight Simulator. This simulator claims to offer realistic flight physics, a variety of models and sceneries, and many features that can help you learn to fly without fear. In this article, we will review some of the main aspects of ClearView RC Flight Simulator and see if it lives up to its promises.


Models and Sceneries

One of the most important aspects of any RC flight simulator is the selection and quality of models and sceneries. ClearView RC Flight Simulator boasts a collection of 101 stock models, including 50 heli models, 50 plane models, and one car model. The models range from trainers and scale planes to 3D aerobatic planes and helicopters. You can also find some historical and military aircrafts, such as the P-40 Warhawk, the B-25 Mitchell, and the A6M Zero. Some of the models are designated as HQ (high quality), which means they have a high level of detail and realism, but they also require a powerful computer and video card to run smoothly.

As for the sceneries, ClearView RC Flight Simulator offers 17 photo-realistic landscapes with full collision detection. You can fly over fields, mountains, lakes, cities, and even water. The sceneries are based on real locations, such as Tangamanga SLP in Mexico, Torrey Pines in California, and Interlaken in Switzerland. You can also import your own panorama sceneries or download additional ones from the internet. The sceneries have dynamic lighting and shadows, which create a realistic visual effect.

Flight Physics and Controls

Another crucial aspect of any RC flight simulator is the flight physics and controls. ClearView RC Flight Simulator claims to have a refined flight model with autorotation, true high alpha angles simulation, and water support. The flight physics are based on 3D physics engine that simulates the aerodynamics and dynamics of the models. You can adjust the flight parameters for each model, such as weight, thrust, drag, lift, torque, etc. You can also experiment with different components, such as servos, gyros, propellers, etc., and see how they affect the model's performance.

As for the controls, ClearView RC Flight Simulator works with your keyboard, gamepad, USB cable or PIC serial cable. You can also use your own radio transmitter if you have a compatible adapter. You can calibrate your controller and set up the channels and functions according to your preference. You can also use different camera modes to view your model from different angles and distances. You can zoom in or out, pan around, or switch to cockpit view. You can also enable auto pilot or magic time (time slowdown) features to help you learn or practice certain maneuvers.

Other Features

Besides the models, sceneries, flight physics and controls, ClearView RC Flight Simulator also offers some other features that can enhance your simulation experience. Some of these features are:

  • Record, replay and share your flights. You can record your flights and save them as files or videos. You can also replay them inside the simulator or watch them on a media player. You can share your flights with other users online or upload them to YouTube.

  • NetPlay feature. You can broadcast or replay your flights online with other users. You can join or host a session and fly together or watch each other's flights.

  • Weather system. You can set up the wind speed and direction for each scenery. The wind affects the model's flight behavior and creates realistic turbulence and gusts.

  • Update to latest content feature. You can update to the latest content before it is released with the next version of the simulator. This way you can get access to new models and sceneries as soon as they are available.

  • Network update feature. You can upgrade to the next version of the simulator directly from ClearView. This way you can get the latest improvements and bug fixes without having to download and install them manually.


ClearView RC Flight Simulator is a comprehensive and realistic RC flight simulator that offers a lot of features and options for RC enthusiasts. It has a large and diverse collection of models and sceneries, a refined and adjustable flight model, a flexible and compatible control system, and some additional features that can make your simulation more fun and interactive. It is also easy to use and update, and it has a reasonable price of $39.99. If you are looking for a professional quality RC flight simulator, you might want to give ClearView RC Flight Simulator a try.


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