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Doctor Who 8x2

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Doctor Who 8x2

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In the OR, the "incredible" team keeps on discussing. They realize they're wasting time arguing, but they're arguing anyway. In the gallery, Arizona and Mark are watching, and he tells her the ER quieted down. Callie is solving a sudoku. Arizona asks whom he thinks the Gunther is, the name given to the doctor that steps up as the leader while doing a Gunther surgery. The name came from the first doctor who stepped up, who was a quiet guy called Gunther who turned out to be the alpha dog.

Janet enters the on-call room. Callie thinks they're not gonna find a better family than two doctors. Arizona asks if someone wants to go check on Sofia. Callie asks why, but Mark replies that it's what people do when people are talking about taking someone's baby away. Callie says she's fine, but Arizona and Mark walk off anyway, only to be followed by Callie. Now April and Jackson are alone at the nurses' station. Maybe they should leave too to give them some privacy, but Jackson says they should stick around to make sure they're okay. This is why he's the Gunther. She lacks the leader instincts.

Cristina is about to have the abortion. The doctor offers to give her something to calm her down, but she refuses. He's asking her one more time. Is she absolutely sure this is what she wants to do? Owen looks at her. She closes her eyes and nods. "Then let's get started," the doctor says. Cristina looks at Owen and he takes her hand.

Ed didn't seem to really have the drive to be a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital, but was there anyway. Instead of filling out patient reports, he chatted online about Lost or played on his cell phone. He failed to help a patient who was crashing. However, he was quite excellent at starting new trends and catch phrases. Ed doesn't care about furthering his medical knowledge other than what is necessary, which bothers Perry, who hates Ed for his laziness (though Ed apparently is still smart enough that he does "better than most" of the other new interns despite his slacking). ("My ABC's") Later, giving Ed a chance to redeem himself, Perry makes him study a book on heart disorders. Perry fires Ed two days later for failing to name the heart disorder Cox describes, which proves Ed didn't bother to complete the assignment due to his incompetence and laziness. ("My Lawyer's in Love")

I should also mention that while we LOVE this doctored Lemon Cake Mix recipe, we have a favorite Scratch Lemon Cake Recipe as well! If you enjoy baking scratch recipes also, this is a great one.

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