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Infinity: Love Or Lust [R11]

Infinity: Love or Lust - a story about the relationship between a father (mc) and his daughter (Amy).You have to take the role of a man (the main character) who lives with his daughter all his life, giving all his strength and love for her safe living, to make her happy.

Infinity: Love or Lust [R11]

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The main character must play the role of a man who has spent his entire life with his daughter, dedicating all of his strength and love to ensuring her safety and happiness. No doubt Amy his daughter regards you as a real man because of your concern. Her feelings for you are unquestionably strong. Since the birth of Amy, you've tried to devote your time and attention to her. At the same time, you remembered that you needed to get a raise at work so that you and your two-person family could enjoy a comfortable and carefree existence. You get a new position at work which enables you to move to the capital city, and that's when things start to get interesting.

only lust path all possible lust scenes by loop 17.only love path all possible love scenes by loop 20.Love path is more enjoyable to me as its more seduction than corruption but whatever..After massage table was added it was worth starting again, especially since everything Id already bought had been lost.

Because I rarely read instructions, naturally, it took some time to realise that I was accumulating negative points in love or lust or cancelling out points previously gained. Should have read the part that says only play lust or only play love.

since each love point negates a lust point and v/v I'm playing a straight love route and a straight lust route parallel to each other by day 8 on both she plays with your cock when asleep two choices to cum in her mouth. I guess that it's too early for sex at loop nine. 041b061a72


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