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Groove Adventure Rave (Dub)

fast paced, action, groove based, modern, fast pace, corporate, electronic, energy, modern beds, dance, rave, dub step, industrial, techno, electronica, energetic, aggressive, adventure, scoring action

Groove Adventure Rave (Dub)

"I have said that literature is almost silent concerning midgets andtheir activities. Yet, if one would compile all the scatteredparagraphs of the ages past, it might be a sizeable volume. Back inthe days when chivalry ran parallel with human bondage, midgets wererated as personal property. Kings and emperors called them to courtfor amusement purposes; offered them as gifts to appease the powerfulor seduce the weak. And at courtly banquets, when the liquor waspotent enough to inspire adventuresome bravery, midgets were tossedlike medicine balls, from guest to guest, to provide entertainment forthe ladies and gallants there present. However, the meager paragraphsfailed to reveal if the ball was dribbled or if free throws wereallowed in the event of fouls being made on the brave participants. 041b061a72


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