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One Piece Episode 672

Before the timeskip, we see him for a minute battling Crocodile until the episode shows something else. I assume that he won that fight judging how sand turns to glass at 3,000 degrees, and a traditional lightning strike is over 5,000 degrees.

One Piece Episode 672

On today's episode of The Juicebox Podcast, Jenny Smith and I are going to define antibodies, auto antibodies, antibodies, auto antibodies, antibodies antibodies WHAT THE HELL ARE antibodies antecedent here we go please remember while you're listening that nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health care plan. We're becoming bold with insulin Are you a US resident who has type one diabetes or is the caregiver of someone with type one because if you are, you can support the T one D exchange and research for type one diabetes by going to T one D Forward slash juicebox. When you get there, join the registry fill out the survey the whole thing takes fewer than 10 minutes and you are going to help people with type one. You're also going to support the Juicebox Podcast. I don't even want to stop talking now. My voice sounds amazing in my ears. T one D forward slash juicebox this episode of The Juicebox Podcast is sponsored by us med us med is the number one distributor for FreeStyle Libre systems nationwide. They are the number one specialty distributor from the pod dash, the number one fastest growing tandem distributor and the number one rated distributor index. com customer satisfaction surveys. US med is a place where you get your diabetes supplies from most of us use them right? Most of us are using some sort of an online Wait a minute, are you not getting your supplies online? Okay, hold on. First of all, it's super easy to get your supplies online. You just are you're not doing this. Alright, hold on a second. Let me get a sip of water I gotta explain this whole thing to you. So we used to use another company, we've actually used a couple of them. And in the past they've been you know, spotty, let's say spotty in their customer service. But us med prides themselves on their white glove treatment of their customers. US med has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and they want you to get better service and better care than you're accustomed to getting now. US med always provides 90 days worth of supplies and fast free shipping. You can get a free benefits check right now at us forward slash juicebox or by calling 888721151. For us Medicare is everything from insulin pumps and diabetes testing supplies to the latest CGM including libre two and Dexcom G six. They accept Medicare nationwide, and over 800 private insurers. This 888 Number is dedicated for Juicebox Podcast listeners. Call now 888-721-1514 Get the service you deserve. Get your supplies without a big hassle. US met us forward slash juicebox. Look, everybody these supplies are going to be common forever and ever. I'd love it if you had it set up so that it just happened and you didn't have to think about it. That's how we have it here. And it is a real it's a weight lifted. It's another thing you don't have to think about. Let us med think about that. You go live your life we've talked about antibodies in thyroid episodes. Yeah, and other places. I am told by Isabel who helps me run the Facebook page that people are confused about antibodies. And she said to me, please do a defining episode about them put it in one place where they can find it. It's easy to understand. And I said okay, as well. I will absolutely do that. Now here comes the problem. I'm still I still get a little confused as well. And I know it's just because I haven't looked at it closely enough. If you said to me right now, what's up? I'm not gonna look at anything. I'm not just gonna go off of what I remember right? Then you're gonna you're gonna tell me if you said to me antibodies in conjunction with type one diabetes

Jennifer Smith, CDE 10:04why there are and for the GAD, I think I was actually wrong. I think that there are I think there are other autoimmune conditions if I'm not incorrect, I think thyroid, you may have gad antibodies present. Okay. And I am I think there's another autoimmune disorder if I'm correct, that that may be something that would show positive, I would have to again, look that up. But I'm, I'm quite sure gad is also present for thyroid. So anyway, um, you know, in terms of a virus, that's why many people believe that people with type one may have had a virus, which was like a switch. It's like a light switch. i That's kind of how I think about it. My brother probably had the same virus that I had, if the reason that I have type one is from a virus, I don't know why I have type one, I'm quite sure that my brother and I living in the same house probably had the same viruses, why my body decided to interact with that virus and the switch turned on and decided to flip and say, Okay, we've taken care of this. But now we're also seeing these body parts or these pieces of the body of the beta cells as foreign objects to. So why one person versus another? I don't know.

Scott Benner 11:31Yeah. I would again, I think I've said in other episodes, I don't know for certain, but I would bet money that Arden had Coxsackie virus, and then she got type one. I've heard a lot of people specifically say Coxsackie. And then type one. As a matter of fact, we had the CEO on a prevention bio. Hey, it's Scott, I know I put the ad at the beginning of the episode today. I tricked you a little bit. But I still need to pop in and tell you that US med offers a free benefits check and you can get it at us forward slash juice box, or by calling a special number just for Juicebox Podcast listeners 888-721-1514 us med carries everything from your insulin pumps, to your diabetes testing supplies, go check them out, who was on to talk about Tomislav, which I always mispronounce. And later I will get a message after this goes off where they say you've pronounced it wrong again. But I know that he was talking about how one of the ways that he thought you could significantly cut down on type one diabetes is to inoculate people against coxsackievirus. Yeah. And he said so that to me, I mean, if someone's saying that, then they've seen enough impact that way, but they're saying like, don't get me wrong, like Coxsackie doesn't make type one diabetes. Right. But if you have these auto antibodies, which I'm assuming Arden had, then you get Coxsackie. I'm, I'm thinking what he was saying was that there's more frequency to go from a person who has auto antibodies, who gets Coxsackie to type one, then there is a person who has auto antibodies, and they get the flu, and then they go to type one, etcetera, like something like that. Right. So yeah, there's probably a mechanism in there that I mean, we don't understand. Maybe somebody else does, but and the Coxsackie

Scott Benner 15:42the heck is done? You know, I thought I was all good. So I think that, if I go back to what Isabel saying to me, about that people asked about this all the time about the antibodies and not understanding them. That is what I want them to leave this episode understanding is that, you know, first of all, you didn't do anything wrong. Right? That and I think that's, I mean, if we could kind of shift gears away from a more medical to maybe a more psychological for a second. You didn't give your kid type one diabetes? Like, No, you didn't give it to yourself? It's not possible, you know, like, you either have these, these antibodies within your system, or you don't. And like Jenny said earlier, modern medicine can't tell why at this point. And if it was just that you watch the prices write too much, or you you know, you know, or you had too much ice cream or like something like that the things that people knee jerk worry about when it first happens, like, Oh, my God, you know, I mean, you know what I'm saying? Like, people come up to you. Not always, but there are people, a lot of people who have personal experiences where an uninformed person will come up to them and just say, like, What, did you feed that kid? You know, how did you do? Absolutely. Right. And that's a big problem. And then it's a bigger problem if it just happened to you. And you and you don't know that, that that couldn't be the case. Correct. I

Jennifer Smith, CDE 18:44you know, the question that I also get kind of along the same line is from a lot of the adults that I work with, who have children, they themselves as an adult have type one. And the question always comes up, either should I get my kids tested? Or how likely is it for my child to get type one? You know, quite honestly, there are statistics, if you really wanted to look things up. You certainly could look up some statistics, but it doesn't necessarily say your child because you have type one is 100% going to have type one too. So in a causative. If you have type one and your child ends up developing type one, likely there's a genetic link there, but you didn't necessarily cause that piece to turn on.

Jennifer Smith, CDE 21:35Right. And it's how your body interacts with them, right? Whether your body uses them the way that they're supposed to, to identify truly foreign pieces, objects, you know, viruses in the body. That's their job. That's you want them to be there. That's a really important thing. But sometimes they don't do the right thing.

Scott Benner 22:17Yeah. No, I appreciate breaking it down. Because it's just like the other defining episodes really, you just make these assumptions that people know what Bolus means. And if they don't, they start forming other thoughts. And if you don't understand what these antibodies are, you could run around your whole life thinking you did something, or I could still think, why didn't I wash? Arden's hands one time, and she was a year old before I did something or I don't know what the hell? 041b061a72


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