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Muse - Starlight [Official Music Video]

Muse worked with Paul Minor on Starlight's music video, which was filmed in Los Angeles.[1] In the video, the band perform on the deck of the MS Ocean Chie, a handysize bulk carrier. Band members are also carrying flares, in an attempt to get rescued, but in the end this fails, and they are abandoned.[6] This relates to the song's lyrics, which mentions ships and abandonment.[5]

Muse - Starlight [Official Music Video]

The Starlight video features the band playing on an oil tanker at sea. Towards the end of the video, night and day switch intermittently, and flares are fired above the tanker. The video was filmed on a cargo ship called Ocean Chie off of the cost of Los Angeles. The cargo ship embodied an "Indian" crew according to the official news. According to Bellamy, the band wanted to "create the idea of a band lost at sea because we see ourselves as being outside what's happening in the music scene".[1] 041b061a72


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