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Two Words Minus One Lea Salonga

Get lyrics of Salasalamat salamat musika minus one song you love. List contains Salasalamat salamat musika minus one song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Two Words Minus One Lea Salonga

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Fans of hb will also know that he will not change his principles for a woman. Honest and straightforward binnie will not double back on his words. Which is why his defeaning silence about the latest rumour of binkyo is very telling. Just like in 2009 when rumours of binkyo appeared after end of WW, binkyo was silent until they were officially together for 2 months before announcing it to their fans.

The revival album also includes such non-King numbers as "Western People Funny," the "Puzzlement" reprise, and the complete "Shall I Tell You..." not to be found on the Decca disc. The Anna is Constance Towers, a lovely stage presence but somewhat bland on disc, and with an unconvincing accent to boot. The supporting company is fine, with strong work from June Angela and Martin Vidnovic as the tragic pair, and this disc is the definitive record of Brynner and the full score, minus the 17-minute "Small House of Uncle Thomas" ballet. In between his two stage recordings, Brynner starred in the 1956 film version and can be heard on the Capitol/Angel soundtrack album. Marni Nixon provided the voice to which Deborah Kerr's Anna was lip-synched, and the album features several songs not in the film. Robert Russell Bennett's original stage orchestrations were adapted by Alfred Newman for a grander, lusher sound.

JAY series conductor John Owen Edwards has the advantage of leading everything unabridged and in the original orchestration. One could debate the merits of preserving a good deal of underscoring without the words that it was fashioned to accompany, but, as has been the case with each entry in the series, no other recording of the score is as useful a reference. And much as I loved the recent revival, there's something to be said for hearing the score as audiences first heard it in '51.


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