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[S8E14] Son And Daughter

All good? Great. Because I'd say things finally get really interesting about the time you realize that Liz has left her daughter Agnes with yet another strange, glamorous older woman whom she knows absolutely nothing about, but just innately trusts enough to leave her traumatized child with her for days on end. And once again, much like "Katarina" before her, this woman likes to go on and on about "a mother's love." How interesting!

[S8E14] Son and Daughter

I don't know who this Mrs. French is, talkin' about "Love wins" like that's a phrase she just made up on the spot, and I don't know if I'm being set up to care or not. But I do know that anytime someone has started spouting off about a mother's love and what it inherently means without any real proof to back it up, things have not turned out well for Liz (see: present situation). And yet, it's a conversation that Liz has absorbed right into that rattled psyche of hers, because the next thing we know, she's showing up at Dembe's daughter's house, calling on Isabella's love of her own daughter to help her plant a listening device on Dembe, by convincing her that their family needs to be saved from Reddington and this is the only way to do it.

After mob lawyer Sidney Truex is attacked and his wife brutally murdered, Benson and Stabler question their daughter, Charlotte, but her wild night of drunken partying leaves her unable to recall her actions, even though her father insists she was at the scene of the crime. Stabler is charged with excessive force when the daughter's boyfriend dies in his custody. He is eventually cleared when it's discovered that the boyfriend died of a cardiac syndrome when he apprehended him and that his internal injuries were from Stabler using CPR to try to save him, not excessive force.

As Benson and Stabler make their way up the stairs, Warner explains Truex is still unconscious at Mercy. At hearing the name, Benson verifies they are talking about the mob attorney. Warner informs them he had been hit on the head. The security company found him on the floor when they responded to the panic button. The alarm was either not set or Truex disarmed it when he came in. Maura had been raped, sodomized, and bludgeoned, and she slowly bled to death. There is no DNA because she had been assaulted with a candlestick. Stabler notes the perp has anger issues before asking about forensics. A partial bloody tennis shoe print is pointed out. Warner tells them the only other person not accounted for that lives in the house is a 16-year-old daughter, Charlotte, but she is not home. Stabler wonders where she is at one o'clock in the morning. Warner tells him Tommy had indicated to her that Charlotte was spending the weekend at a friend's house. Stabler asks if Tommy saw the attacker. Warner tells him Tommy is pretty traumatized, so patrol waited for them to interview him. When Benson asks her where Tommy is, Warner wordlessly points the way.

When Cragen arrives in the squad room dressed in formal attire, Benson asks where his top hat is. He explains Councilman Baker's daughter got married and he had been paged at the after party by the Chief of Detectives to get some answers on the Truex case. Stabler believes it was personal. He does not believe Maura was a random target. Cragen wonders if there was a dissatisfied client who was sending a message. Benson wonders if the perp was after Sidney and did not know they were separated. When Cragen questions if Maura was the one against whom someone had a grudge, Benson explains she was a sales representative for Tauscher-Leto Pharmaceuticals. Stabler adds that it is difficult to run a background check on the family so early on a Saturday. He suggests they find out from Charlotte, but is told she is still MIA. Stabler adds they found the family phone book in the kitchen and are using it to locate Maura's friend. Cragen informs them he will have the CO at the 15th to post an officer outside Truex's hospital room. Tutuola interrupts them to inform them a family friend said Charlotte spends her weekends with Jennifer Brown. Stabler does not want to tell her the news over the phone and he and Benson leave so they can tell her in person.

Charlotte is taken to the hospital, where her father Truex is absolutely furious with Benson and Stabler. He lashes out at the detectives saying that they nearly killed Charlotte and that they had no right to interrogate his daughter without a lawyer present and that their baseless accusations made his little girl depressed and suicidal. Stabler reminds Truex that he was the one who claimed that the saw his daughter at the crime scene, to which Truex retorts that he had a head injury and doesn't know what he saw. Truex tells Benson and Stabler to stay away from Charlotte and that as soon as she's discharged, he's taking her home. Stabler tells him she's going to Rikers, to which Truex yells, "Over my dead body!"

Benson speaks to ME Warner about her findings on Ryan. Warner states she can't talk about it. Benson asks what she plans to report and Warner responds that she is reporting it as "internal bleeding" due to blunt force trauma and that it is a "homicide". Benson speaks to Truex to attempt to convince him to have Charlotte state that Ryan is the one who murdered Maura in order for pressure to be taken off of Stabler for Ryan's death. Truex is reluctant to go along with this, seeing as his daughter is a recovering drug addict and doesn't want his daughter pumped full of more medication, but then realizes that it might help prove that Charlotte is innocent. Per Benson's request, Truex agrees to have Charlotte complete an interview under the administration of sodium amytol, a truth serum. Under the influence of sodium amytol in a hypnotic state, Charlotte states to Dr. Huang that Ryan killed her mother as she could hear screams from her mother while Charlotte was collapsed in bed in a drug induced haze. Dr. Huang states that Charlotte's earlier false confession was done while she was high and felt guilty for the murder, not because Charlotte was actually guilty. Truex is in tears listening to his daughter recall everything and is relieved that know for certain that his daughter is in fact innocent. "I was going to do everything in my power to help her, but deep down I thought she had really killed her mother..." The interview is enough to convince Novak of Charlotte's innocence and she drops the murder charges against her.

In the eighth episode "Cage", Margo Martindale played Rita Gabler, a foster parent whose methods have a devastating effect on a young girl. Neal Baer continued to praise her performance and in 2011 said "I know how good she is because when I did SVU, she put Elle Fanning in a cage and told her to set Connie Nielsen on fire."[14] The ninth episode "Choreographed" marked the return of Mariska Hargitay's character to the Special Victims Unit. The episode starred Bob Saget as a suspicious husband. Hargitay expressed her excitement about working with Saget and called him "America's biggest secret."[15] The tenth episode guest starred Paget Brewster as the secretly adopted/stolen daughter of a man who has a criminal past and days to live. The episode shows Benson spending time with the man, as he bluntly tells her and Stabler character, the stories of his crimes, and how Sheila (Brewster) came to be his daughter. The eleventh episode "Burned" starred Michael Michele as an alleged rape victim who gains the sympathy of Detective Benson but not Detective Stabler. This reunited her with Eriq LaSalle, Neal Baer and Mariska Hargitay from her time on ER. LaSalle, who directed the episode, joked that "It also gave [him] an excuse to boss Michael Michele around."[2]

The twelfth episode "Outsider" starred Kal Penn as a rapist following an unusual pattern. "Outsider" also introduced Adam Beach to the show; his character forms a temporary partnership with Detective Tutuola. Neal Baer described the guest stars as bringing "some funny moments to SVU" and also applauded the tension shown between Adam Beach and Ice-T. Kelli Giddish, who played one of the victims would later join the show as Det. Amanda Rollins beginning at Season 13.[16] Bill Goldberg appeared at the beginning of the thirteenth episode "Loophole". Wrestler Bill Goldberg is Neal Baer's cousin and was given a physically intimidating role.[17] The fourteenth episode "Dependent" featured guest star Cary Elwes as mafia lawyer Sidney Truex, who survives an attack in his home where his wife is murdered. It is later revealed that the boyfriend of Truex's 16-year-old daughter is the murderer. The sixteenth episode "Philadelphia" showed Detective Benson clashing with a New Jersey cop played by Kim Delaney. Delaney mentioned being an SVU fan especially because of the subject matter addressed in the show and said "It's what we read about in the paper, unfortunately too many times."[18]

At the time, Carol wasn't the warrior she is now and wasn't included in the search for her daughter. Carol has been projecting her fears of Sophia's death onto Henry. It's a nice bookend for Carol to find and save Henry from a space that looks similar to the last place Sophia was seen.

There is more to Claire than being a mother, daughter, and sister, however, her work life is just not interesting. We watch Modern Family to see the sometimes dysfunctional dynamics between the blended families, not some randos at the workplace.

Arizona can't believe Mark paged her for this, but he says this is the only fair way to decide who has Sofia tonight. Unless she wants to raise her daughter with no sense of fairness or decency, in anarchy and chaos. She agrees. Best two out of three. Jackson is there to encourage Mark. They do rock-paper-scissors. Arizona's rock crushes his scissors. Mark calls a time-out for a team huddle with Jackson. Jackson advises him to go scissors now. He does so, but Arizona does a rock, beating him. She wishes him a happy babysitting evening. Mark starts yelling at Jackson for having messed with his head. 041b061a72


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