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Protect countertop surfaces and minimize cleanup with this ES Robbins 120737 EverLife 36" x 20" clear vinyl antimicrobial countertop mat! Made of durable vinyl, this mat can be placed under appliances to protect countertops from scratches, stains, and spills. It's also easy to clean and isolates messes for quick and easy cleanup. Slide this mat beneath blenders, meat slicers, toasters, waffle makers, beverage dispensers, and chocolate fountains to catch crumbs, spills, and splashes. This mat is also a ready solution for bartender stations, condiment stations, and hotel room supplies.This mat's crystal clear design visibly stores important safety instructions, reminders, checklists, and recipes underneath, without lifting ink, for greater safety and quality assurance at your business. Its built-in antimicrobial protection makes it easier to maintain a clean and safe foodservice or hospitality environment. Countertops that experience heavy use, including point-of-sale areas, readily benefit from the addition of an ES Robbins mat. Overall Dimensions: Length: 36" Width: 20"




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