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OF - Pietro Boselli - Hottest Math Teacher Ever...

Pietro Boselli, an Italian engineer and former math teacher who has almost 3 million followers alone on Instagram, posted on social media a couple of photos of himself at an In-N-Out Burger on Sunday and said he was in Fresno.

OF - Pietro Boselli - Hottest Math Teacher Ever...

It was while he was teaching math to engineering students that one of his students at University College London posted on social media that Boselli was a teacher, as well as a successful model, according to The Guardian.

Equinox hunt and hottest math teacher on the planet Pietro Boselli won't give us a break. Hot on the heels of his underwear campaign for Charlie by Matthew Zink, the Italian demi-god appears on the cover of Attitude magazine wearing just bright neon swim briefs.

According to Sugarscape, the 26-year-old mathematician, who has a PhD in engineering (can we call you Dr. McDreamy?), left his position as an advanced math teacher at University College London two summers ago to pursue his modelling career full-time with the agency Models 1. 041b061a72


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