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Fallout New Vegas Willow Companion Mod [CRACKED] Download

installation: to install this mod you will need to have the following mods installed:automatron, dlc, no morevagas, nexus reborn, fnv-mp-compat, nexus new vegas, mojave wasteland, mojave wasteland companion, and the brotherhood of steel.

Fallout New Vegas Willow Companion Mod Download

fallout 4's companion mods are only for vanilla players, however, there is a mod that allows mods like willow to work with ttw. the mod is called nexus new vegas companion and it will allow you to install willow as well as the other mods in the "fixes" category listed above. if you choose to use this mod you will have to uninstall it after you complete installation.

if you have a problem with chem use you shouldnt be playing this game, but even if you do, you wont like niner. he is a chem user, recreationally. but he does share, when he hits up he will offer you some too. i think its a neat feature. chems are ever present in the game, there are recipes to find new ones, lore or existing ones, and you can even teach other characters how to make them, or just make your own. they all help you in one way or another but you can become addicted with has definite downsides. but he is the only companion i know of that actually uses them, and i think that was a missing element out there.

coming in at number 9 we have fallout new vegas companion mod by lazylamb! lazylamb makes some really awesome mods. the one we are looking at today is a companion mod for new vegas. in the center of this mod there are five companions with five different personalities. one being played by the player. the next is a female companion named lisa, and then there is a male companion named rich. next is claire, who is the first companion in the game with a unique appearance. lastly we have a female named vivian, who, like lisa, is a companion with unique ability to look different appearances. the game will even recognize the different appearances of the companions in quest dialogue and the dialogue path itself. download this mod for a new type of companions to play in the mojave.


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